“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Amelia’s voice echoed throughout the house. She threw the magazine she was reading and ran up to her room. She knew this day was coming but has always been keeping it together for deep down, she believed it won’t come. And even if it did, not this soon.

Her mother ran to her room, hugged her and cooed in an attempt to soothe her. All the while  saying: “It’s okay sweetheart, its not your fault it happened. There’s nothing wrong with you. please stop crying. I love you and i hate to see you like this. Anxiety won’t make this right. Please stop worrying, okay?” But it’s like Barbara’s (her mum) words were escalating her pain and she cried even harder and louder. She finally slept while Barbara stepped out so she could discuss Amelia with her husband. She met Amelia’s dad in the living room and sat next to him. They both are very worried by their daughter’s apprehension and have no idea what to expect. Barbara looked up to Francis with tears in her eyes and uttered: “What are we going to do? This is getting out of hand, i don’t want my daughter to end up being crazy just because of what someone did to her. please do something”. He held Barbara’s hands and consoled her “Don’t worry sweetheart,nothing will happen to our angel by God’s grace. I will think about it and by the end of the week, I promise to come up with a solution. Now let me make you some tea and then we’ll go to bed”. He wiped her tears before going off to the kitchen.

Amelia is a fair complexioned hardworking girl of 25 that has brown eyes, short black hair, an average height and a pretty fit body. She’s very intelligent and smart which helped her finish her studies with good qualifications that resulted in her getting a well paid job in an advertising agency. Being the only child, she grew up with her parents being over protective but that didn’t stop her from socializing with people from different statuses.  Having whatever she wanted didn’t affect her negatively as she respects others’ views and tries as hard as she could to  never show off. Amelia comes off as a friendly person that people really like and comment positively about. All her good fortune never gets to her head as she appreciates whatever happens in her life. Amelia lives a normal life with the everyday routine of waking up, going to work, getting back home, dinner, hanging out with friends and the normal e-interaction. Her parents are always bugging her about her blunt love life because they’ve only known her one and only boyfriend. That was in her secondary school and now her parents won’t  stop constantly talking about her getting married so they can see their grandchildren.

Monday morning as usual, Amelia woke up and was ready for work when she realized the Friday files she took home to work on were lying untouched by the bedside. She sighed, took the files and informed her parents she’ll be home late due to work load. At the end of the day, she left the office around 9pm after completing her task and headed home. Unfortunately for Amelia, her car stopped for some mechanical reasons and she got stuck. She didn’t call her parents knowing they will overreact but dialed her friend’s number, Lara. Lara came over with some friends and they helped her fix the car before going to a bar to chill. That’s where Amelia met Malik.

Malik is a cool guy. Honest and straightforward. He is dark, tall and very athletic. He showed interest in Amelia immediately they were introduced by Lara in the bar. He kept including her in their chats and at the end of their gathering, offered to escort her home just in case her car decided to act up again. He collected her number and said goodbye upon taking her home. That was the beginning of their friendship. They became very close, Malik is mostly at her place or hanging out with her. With time, their friendship turned to love. He asked her out and she accepted. Amelia’s parents were so happy to see their daughter in love and they like Malik.

After 2 years of courtship and what not, they were inseparable. Their parents became friends with each other and they turned the relationship into a family affair. The families get together a lot and even travel for vacations together. All they talk about is the perfect wedding of their children, how they will love and spoil their grandchildren, the family trips they will take, how they’ll be going for school recitals and functions all over again. They were giddy with excitement the day Malik popped the question and a wedding date was fixed. They traveled to UK together 2months before the wedding to get their nuptial attires. When they got back home, Malik started to act different. Too distant and disconnected from what is happening, he stopped showing interest in the wedding preparations and won’t talk to Amelia about it. She discussed the issue with both parents and they assured her it is all going to be alright, that it is the wedding pressure that is getting to him. Amelia thought they were probably right and went ahead with planning her big day.

Two weeks to the day, Malik went over to Amelia’s and asked to see her in private. She was so happy he wants to talk she left instantly with him to the living room.

He took a deep breathe and mustered: “Amelia I am so sorry I’ve been detached lately. Just that i am stressed out, i don’t know how to do this”.

She felt guilty of not being there for him  and took his hands “i know baby, things are a bit tough and demanding now but it will all be over after the wedding i promise. I’m sorry for not being there too. stop over working yourself about it”.

He took his hands away and rubbed his eyes, then looked at her straight in the eyes ” yes, but you don’t understand. That’s not what is stressing me out, i can not go ahead with the wedding”.

She laughed and playfully hit his shoulder “c’mon! be a man sweets, i never knew a wedding can shake you this much. Pull it together, we’ll get through this okay?”.

The look he gave her told her something was off and she froze. “what is going on? did something happen to you?”

He answered in the affirmative and continued “I met someone Amelia. I wanted to tell you but the timings were always wrong until now. I can not do this, we were never meant to be married. I don’t regret ever meeting you for you are an amazing person but the love i had for you is no more. I am sorry”.

She was unable to utter even a word. She sat there just staring at him while he kept talking. when he was done, he hugged her and left. Her mother came in to find her daughter crying and asked what the problem is. After hearing what went down, she called Malik’s parents and they said they’ll talk to him. All they did was to no avail as he has made up his mind already.

Amelia was heartbroken. She has never loved anyone in her life that much apart from her parents. She stopped going to work, eating, showering or talking to anyone. All she ever did was cry and blame herself for what happened. That she wasn’t good enough, it’s her fault he left, she didn’t show him enough love and whatever bad thing she could link herself to, just to feel guilty for letting Malik down. Her friends and family tried their best to cheer her up but to no account.

On their supposed wedding day, she flushed her engagement ring and cut her wedding dress into pieces. She stayed in her room all day going through their pictures and later called Malik to plead with him but his phone was off. She called his parents but they all didn’t pick her calls and she started to cry afresh. After some weeks, Amelia got better. She now eats with the family and watches TV with them. She even went shopping with her mother and her parents were so happy to see her getting over that rascal. Unfortunately, they have no idea what surprise is in store for them.

On this faithful day, Amelia and her parents went grocery shopping at a nearby store. They were done shopping when Amelia took a copy of a magazine from the stand across the counter. When they got home, she sat with her mum and they were going through the magazine when she suddenly saw a picture with the caption “MALIK DREW WEDS LARA  SMITH” she read it over and over again and surely, its her Malik and her friend’s photo she saw, married! She ran to her room screaming “NOOOOOOOOOO” while crying and hugging her pillows. Her mother saw the disastrous picture her daughter saw and tossed the magazine to her husband while running after her daughter. Her father sighs and mutters “here goes nothing”.

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  1. The deadest of stories.
    Give me something i havent read before or bring a new slant/angle /view to an old story.
    You writing isnt too bad, but your choice of story….

    1. …and the style of telling does not do anything for an overdone story.

      Try harder.

  2. Telling! Telling!! Telling!!!
    You just told a story, no showing of any kind.
    Read more, write more; you will get better.
    God bless you!

  3. just keep at it, you will get better

  4. @Fareeda, why must MEN be the sore problem of every woman? If na she say in no want the guy again, you for write am? Walahi, you write well and it is my dream to write the way you do some day. NB There are so many African Stories from the North untold today, like northern Nigeria, give us these stories please…

  5. Others have talked the talk. You’ll definitely make a good writer. Just work on.

  6. Sorry but this read like a secondary school composition worsened by the fact that I predicted the story by the end of the second paragraph.

  7. you have alt long way to go, nice try sha

  8. I see the editors on NS have spoken and probably dampened your spirit, so here’s a hug. Dust the criticism, write another story, toss it away, write another, toss it, write another, toss it. Until you feel good about a story, then show it to friends before posting it here.

    Here’s a tip though, watch friends when they talk about the story, don’t listen to what they said. That said, keep writing. It’s a talent that has to be honed.

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