Dance of the spirits

Dance of the spirits

I hurried through the door, barely acknowledging

greetings from my folks,and made for my room with

one thing in mind-Him.

I quickly got out of my work clothes and settled into a comfortable posture-flat on my face. Twenty hours of tasting neither food nor drink all leading up to this moment.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,closing out all

distracting thoughts and contemplations. There was only room for one thought and it was focused on Him.It was time to fellowship with my Maker. I opened my mouth to utter a word of adulation,when i heard it.

‘Dance for me’p


For a moment i was confused. I wasn’t sure i heard right. Dance?

But then again,i was sure i heard just seemed so strange.

Slowly,i stood up.Now what?

Then i swayed. First to the left and then to the right.

I felt so awkward. It wasn’t like i hadn’t danced before,i do,both publicly and privately. In fact,i

danced more in private than public; i don’t have to

worry about people staring at me,anxious about the

finesse of my dance moves.But this was different. I

had been about to pray but He wanted me-and

specifically asked me to dance for Him. Not sing or



So,here i was swaying limply,wondering what i was

doing. Then a song came to mind and i danced to

the rhythm. And then another and then another.


I loosened up after a while but i noticed i was shy.I

was dancing like i would if i were in public; self

conscious and inhibited. Maybe because i actually

felt like someone was present in the room with me

watching me dance. With the corners of His mouth

lifted up in an amused smile. Amused at my stiff

dancing. Deriving pleasure in watching me.


And then it was over. I lay down again and

continued the fellowship. But all the while my mind

was on the experience.


I danced for Him.


I had seen another side of Him today. And i’m still

trying to wrap my head around it.


But one thing i do know, i would love to do it


6 thoughts on “Dance of the spirits” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. This is marvelous.

    1. @shomyk thanks for the kind words

  2. I love that your writing always depicts an intimate relationship with Him, @topazo. Not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. I love that! That was some experience too… Dance for me.
    Why was it tagged ‘Horror and Supernatural’, though? I almost didn’t read it till I saw it was yours :)

    1. @olaedo thanks for the kind words…I rly appreciate

      As for the tag, I couldn’t find a better category….though not “horror” it is “supernatural” i think

  3. Is that all? I’m still trying to figure out the story. Does it have a continuation? Otherwise your categorization of the story is wrong.

    Nice writing though

  4. going paranormal is not a bad idea at all……………

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