African Nerd 4

“ Let him be Cerberus!”. The walls suddenly shake with command.

The beast immediately vanishes, just like that, dispersing into the surrounding darkness.

My heart is already in my mouth. My boxers are slightly wet. In the cold world of Hades I sweat.

“ Let me tell you what is happening here, Mortal!” says the voice once again.

“The realm of the dead, the underworld, is like a magnet for everything bad. Suffering, pain, sorrow and death find their way into my realm, one way or another.” The voice pauses.

The hood of the cloak rises to make visible the darkness within, I squint hard into it. The arm of the cloak waves in the air and my sight is as good as new. I ignore this miracle; I stare still into the darkness, the image sharper than ever.

I look into the darkness and the darkness looks into me. I feel it in my head, I feel it in my consciousness, in my sub-conscious, in my mind . I have no secrets, nothing is hidden from this being. Not in his realm.

And suddenly I understand all that troubles it, without a word being said, I know why I was brought. The dark one has laid it in me, the cause of his worries has been placed in me. But as I look on into his being, I feel fear, sorrow, anguish, pain and death. It is too much, no mortal can take much more. I quickly avert my gaze. I know enough of this being now. I have nothing to hide or fear of this dark one. He wont hurt me, at least not yet.

“The spiritual entity of my world is flowing into your realm, into the underworld. It troubles you, you fear this phenomenon. But why?” I ask.

The walls thunder, “The spiritual is the force that holds together the physical, when enough of your spiritual world flows down here, your physical world will crumble into the underworld. Our realms will become one. All hell will literally be set loose upon your mortal kind.”

“But what important role does Nigeria play in all this?”,I ask for I know Nigeria is the center of all this, I feel it somehow.

“Your land is the portal. Destroy the portal and all will be well. We would have long destroyed it, if only Zeus did not feel for your kind. That’s why we’ve brought you here. We need you. You are to be our savior as well as yours. The oracle of Delphi never lies”

“What am I to do? I am but a nerd, the lowest in the rungs of society. I have no alliance with any savior, and am definitely not one”, I plead.

“You are but blind. You do not see what I see. Your star is fierce and  bright, like that of Heracles. You must take up this task. You must go to the one you call your leader, go to Jonathan, tell him of the portal in his land. He will know what to do.”

I look once more into this darkness, I know I must go, I cannot disobey.

“You must not fail. I do not take lightly to failure. Know this, whatever happens, your soul will be mine, the souls of your loved ones will be mine. Fail and be assured that horror beyond imagination awaits not only you but also those which bear the slightest affiliation with you.”

Even though I know I cannot disobey this dark one, his words, not threats, have given me an incentive not to fail.

“Do not forget my words. I am Hades, Lord of the Dead; you must hearken to my word.” The walls ring again and again, and I begin to fade away, Minion is staring at me with what seems like a look of pity. The darkness is flowing away from me, everything is flowing away. I look once more into the this dark one, he is far away now, but his gaze still burns my heart. And in a flash, all is gone.

I am in my room, my sight is blurred again, my dog is still barking outside. Oh my God!  Did I just make a deal with Hades?! Oh no! It cannot be. I spend some minutes pondering on my otherworldly experience. It was all probably a dream, perhaps I slept and saw a very vivid dream. Yes! It is a dream.

I look at my phone log; no call from any sort of Kardashian. Perhaps the boredom I am experiencing is creating an increase in the level of dopamine-induced hallucination. Yep! As a nerd I have the advantage of always creating explanations for almost everything. I am too sure of it. It was all a dream

Deep down, within my soul, I am a bit of an atheist. Although I am too scared to admit it, I fear that I may be wrong and will pay for my ignorance with a thousand years in hell. In order words, I have nothing to lose if I choose to see myself as a theist.

I take my mind off everything. I grab at my laptop, plug in my swift modem, press the power button. Battery low?! Oooo! What kind of life is this one?  In this village where I live NEPA is as rare as fine girls. Look at who is talking about fine girls, as if I would know a fine girl if she slapped me in the face.

I contemplate putting on the generator. Should I ask my mother first?! No! Why should I ?! Didn’t I buy the fuel. But she bought the gen. I argue it out with myself for a little while and then decide to ask for her permission, she allows.

As I walk out the front door, I see my dog, Jill, up against her cage. She is our huge four months old Alsatian. She is flapping her tongue at me.

“Jilly Jilly,” I coo at her.

Suddenly she turns her head away from me, barking violently at something in the far corner of the fence, something hiding within the vegetation. I run back into the veranda, reaching my hand beneath the sofa, I pull out a machete and make my way toward the source of Jill’s aggression.

“Who is there?” , I call out as I approach. Something moves, I see the tall okro leaves shake. Something or someone large is behind is behind these leaves, it will be foolish of me to go towards in alone. I run back again, this time I run towards Jill’s cage, releasing her.

With a machete in one hand and the chain to Jill’s collar in the other, I am pulled towards the intruder by Jill. As soon as I swipe at the okro leaves with my machete, a hideous form reveals itself. Jill, the same dog that was foaming at the mouth and barking viciously suddenly becomes mute and whimpers behind me. I quickly raise my machete in anticipation of an attack from this unknown Ugliness, when suddenly a voice calls me to order.

“Let him be!”

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  1. interesting… is there a follow up?

    1. Well yes! I will post it soon! It usually takes 3-4 days with admin. Thanks for your comment

  2. it was good write-ups,respect the transitions.

  3. Good one..but some faults in tenses ..

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