A Love Poem for My African-Brazilian

A Love Poem for My African-Brazilian







My heart thuds at the mention of your name

Dislodging the faintest thoughts of all else

It flutters, an invasion of countless butterflies

A merry-go-round of emotions no words can qualify


I call you a gem but you are so much more

In your graceful steps and mischievous wiles

I see so much more—perhaps a queen

Who’ll cheer her king, never ceasing to please


I see so much more, more than any line could tell

More than my buoyed steps could possibly show

I clutch a tiny book of dreams to my thudding chest

Voicing the romantic wishes of a lovers quest


I see you my African-Brazilian, in the vistas of my dreams

As clear as day, feisty and proud as any in her bloom

I marvel at your iconic sincerity, the inebriating glow of your being

Sweeps me daily off my feet and makes me float in a swoon


I am lost yet, in the amperage of your childlike visage

Your enchanting smile, your artistic stride . . . gosh! I pray for this ride

A rising wish to spend eternity and beyond by your side

Give this anxious heart a cushion in your slender arms



Ohmston Weth


3 thoughts on “A Love Poem for My African-Brazilian” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. This your girlfriend – or is there a particular somebody ‘out there’ we’re supposed to know?

    No matter. Interesting poem.

  2. Awww….. Beautiful, again!

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