Wooing REBECCA who hates Poetry…

Wooing REBECCA who hates Poetry…

Wooing REBECCA who hates Poetry...

I met a damsel named Rebecca
Who has the face of an angel sent from heaven.
Now I’m hoping she’s not a heart breaker
…Because she’s got me thinking of her 24/7!

Alas, my Rebecca loves not poetry
And her ears sway not for flowery words.
But then my words are not flattery,
Concocted to bind her heart with cords.

Someone tell me how to breach her heart,
Tell me how to make words melt her metal wall.
Tell me where her heart’s hidden path
Lies. So I can make her heed my earnest call!

Maybe I should rhyme a smiling Sun,
Make the wind hum a rhythm of stricken souls,
Conjure a palace, and make puns
That’ll make her fidget on her tender toes?

Someone tell me, please,
That my soul may find sweet release.

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35 thoughts on “Wooing REBECCA who hates Poetry…” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. beautiful…why not ask her

  2. beautiful…why not ask her all these question..if she doesnt…u are on your own

  3. great, am sure this will move Rebecca

    1. It did Sir @clemency…thanks for reading.

  4. Sometimes you need to speak plainly my friend lol…

    1. Yes ma’am @Myne…but sometimes, like the cat, you have to gently stalk your prey lest you scare it away.

  5. A girl who hates poetry is an unrefined something, and should be cast away.

    1. @kaycee yee! Ha! You wan kee persin?

    2. @Kaycee, The Weirdest One….I’ve missed your mysterious touches, yet witty criticisms….

      1. You forgot to add crazy @whizpoet

  6. Appeal Oh! Poet into her 6th senses
    On thy hand- that magnifying lens
    Uncovering Her pot of ‘Softs’
    And surely, The heart to you remain Engrossed.

  7. Melting and mending her Hearts,
    Even to the slightest iota of resistance
    Falling and swimming in the thoughts of your mesmerizing Hut
    Of care and affection; Invoking in Her the feel eternity of scintillating Paradise

    1. E belike say i go hand her over to you Oga @whizpoet

        1. As i see say your lines no get part two…@whizpoet

  8. @ kaycee that was harsh “cast away” Xikay just find what she loves and tow that line, if she likes bible then go to her with songs of solomon, if she likes to meet on the way to the stream just follow her {winks}.

    Great poem

  9. I dey feel you @ifiokobong …but if e like smiming for River Niger or e like chopping breakfast, lunch and supper for Sheraton nko? LOL

  10. @xikay breath taking poem, beautiful picture
    thanks for sharing

  11. nice one here @xikay, “what can a man does” lol…

    1. A man can does nothing o Oga @excellency

  12. Before I clear log off the site, lemme say this: I’m glad I pokenosed here today.

    This poem is … delicious don’t quite cut it. Thanks for sharing such beautiful lines, and here’s hoping you breach her… #nuffsaid

    1. Ha aha @daireenonline , she’s a done deal

  13. You’re good, bros. I should take lessons.

    1. You mean you should give me lessons ba Oga @howyoudey?

  14. I knew it would @xixay thanks for writing

    1. Your comment made me laugh @clemency …how did you know it was gonna be me?

      1. It can easily be deducted

  15. Cos u posses this unique panache for winning several Wooing wars with…

    1. same goes for you…

  16. jabanz (@jabanz)

    wirte a hip hop song song for her since she’s not interested in peotry

    1. @jabanz you make sense die! But who go sing am as I no sabi sing?

  17. Asewo buruku! mtcheew!
    Nice one bro, really nice.

  18. @Da Writing Engineer…Did u just say “Ashewo Buruku”…????ahahahahahah

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