UN-HOLY BIBLE:King Lucifer’s Version.


The end is near I must tell you. And just in case I don’t make it, I hereby give you my memoir, my autobiography. I don’t pretend to make it as poetic and flowery as the bible; my tale need not have any aesthetic quality. There would be no verses, or any of such triviality. It won’t be in testaments, old or new. This is not an epistle or a letter to the Romans or the Corinthians or any particulars, and it is not a book of proverbs or any other form of praise singing. I seek not to give any commandment, or to promise damnation to anyone. It is not for self glorification either. This is just the missing parts of the Other Book, the other side of the story. I am believed to be many things, especially the father of all liars. Well, I may not be truthful, but I am precise. Only the wise know, that I, Lucifer, in all the centuries of existence have fathered no one. It would be best to have The Other Book open, as you read this, but open up your minds as well, and judge this matter. There are two sides to every story. Even in your courts, no case is decided until both parties have been heard or represented. I am not so comfortable that mere mortals are to preside over the rift between God and I, but God gave mortals the impetus in the first place, so let it be so. I have been silent all this while, because I didn’t really care and because I felt silence was the best answer. But silence works only with fools. What I do now, I do for you. Not that I care one bit, but I have to set the records straight.

I have decided finally to say my side of the story. I am not trying to defend myself, no, I have done no harm except once or twice or thrice or …when necessary. You all are conversant with The Other Book and its tales. Well, that is God’s side of the story, his point of view. In The Other Book, there was no take of what the characters were thinking or feeling, but in mine, I will tell you exactly what Eve thought of Adam, what Isaac thought of his father, what the Carpenter Joseph thought of his wife, Mary. I will even show you the thoughts of the witnesses present at some of the events. I only do this so you can have all your conceptions in 3D. I know the bias against me is as old as man, but I am not deterred. Of course I can’t win this case; I lost it from the beginning. I was condemned a long time ago. No sentence can be passed on me that hasn’t been passed before. Daily I am being cursed and prayed against.

Really, I find it funny when mortals bind and cast me. I am immortal, I can’t get bound or casted. Casted to where? In the earlier days, prayers weren’t so violent and forceful; it was usually a quiet and supplicative affair. These days, a true Prayer Warrior is bodily fit because of the fitness exercises he undergoes in the name of prayer. I hear them at times, in those churches where the kingdom of God suffers violently, as they tear there selves apart trying to cast me into “Abyss”, or “Bottomless pit”. Where are these places? Sometimes, someone would be binding and casting, another Prayer Warrior elsewhere would be losing and rebuking the very same being. If one takes stock of all the prayers going on against me at the same time, one would marvel at the contradiction it would cause when such prayers try to take effect. Mortals make me out to be this all seeing, all powerful being. When they pray sometimes, I hear, ‘Die! Die! Die! Some even shoot imaginary guns or stab into the air believing they are actually stabbing and killing me in the spiritual realm. Their gestures crack me up. Others, even go as far as commanding that I get suspended in the air, or that I be thrown into the Sahara; wishful thinkers. The universe is my domain. I am the king, I go anywhere I choose.

Most mortals fail to realize that I have a very good working relationship with the Almighty. He consults me on salient issues. We chat daily. He likes my take on things .Heaven and earth are autonomous worlds, more like a Colonial nation and its Colony. Whatever I might think of God, I won’t deny that he is a God of order. He doesn’t really interfere in my business except when an overzealous saint gets overly worrisome with prayers; otherwise he lets me do my thing. In such cases were he interferes he does it quite politely. Like, I remember when He advised that I do away with Hitler and stop the world war madness. God had a little issue over the Jews and why I took it to that extent, and I told him that I had no hand in that particular detail. He had always being partial to those people. Well, I took my man Adolf away, but I gave him something befitting his status as one of the greatest mortals ever. He was a great man, faithful. I liked him. More recent, God asked what I thought of the new black president of America, I had only shrugged; I liked Bush better. I pleaded innocence on the death of the king of Pop; it wasn’t me. The heavens are still deliberating on whose side he should be spending his eternity; but I know where I would want him. But for God’s intervention, Osama would never have been found; I would have translated him like I did my man, Hitler. My last consult with God was over the Nigerian problem. There I put my foot down. I told the Almighty that the nation hasn’t seen the last of my troubles. I feed on their hypocrisy. Good luck for them is only a dream. I understand that God has a few cronies among the people; but I have legion. But aside from these occasional interventions, God minds his business and I mind mine.

Really, you would find that I am not as terrible as I have been portrayed. I am thought all dark and evil; I even have horns in pictures, but no being alive, dead, supernal or infernal is as beautiful as Lucifer, Prince of the morning. I am a super power. I was even able to fight the heavens; that is no mean fit, I must tell you. I am the only Other Power. I know my worth compared to God’s. God is the beginning and the end; but who do you think controls the in-betweens. He is the Alpha and omega, and I am everything else.

I indeed have a cause to be proud.

Every natural disaster is attributed to me. I am called the destroyer. Granted, I cause my own share of destructions, especially when a particular society begins to piss me off with their disregard. Or when some place becomes over populated, I usually try to create some space. But I don’t do all. I tell you, the Lords own destruction is often more colorful and imaginative. That’s why he is God. And I suspect he tries to outdo me, just to prove a point. Remember the flood? No, not Haiti, I mean the very first one. Who destroyed the whole earth with flood? In fact I learnt that act from Him; I haven’t been able to perfect it yet. Who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone and pillars of salt? Pillars of salt, of all things!

But one must give God the glory; that was a beautiful act of destruction. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was enthralled by the stones and raining fire. I even tasted Lots wife, I mean, the pillar of salt she turned into. No, God is powerful. We can’t argue that fact. Most natural disasters are purely natural. But who made nature? It wasn’t me. Now of course I don’t even bother to destroy anything; man has come of age. He has grown adept at destruction. At times I doubt if I could be as wicked and creative as man in his own destruction.

Mortals have this conception that God is all loving. Sometimes I get shocked at their acts of disobedience and defiance. The Almighty is not as loving and harmless as men think; He is an all consuming fire. Hell had no fury like His. Man can get away with crossing me, it is seldom, but it has happened, but who has heard or seen the one that can escape from the Almighty’s fury. Yet I am the sinister, wicked and heartless one. It is indeed a terrible thing to fall in the hands of God. Trust me, I know. If I, Lucifer, a being God took much pride in creating, if I Lucifer, would be thrown down from heaven, then who else wouldn’t be.

I am not bad; I am a good people. When was I ever needed that I didn’t show? One doesn’t even need to fast or pray or obey my commandments for me to offer my services. I don’t even have commandments, they are merely speed breaks, and I don’t do slow. I give what is deserved. One asks for my help; instant delivery. I don’t delay. There is no point in making you wait till the last hour or trying to judge to see if you will be faithful to me before I help. Just pay the price, or sign a bond to pay in installments. It’s simply business. I have been cheated a lot; many after entering the contract suddenly decamp when I come for my pay. But still, business has been good. You win some, you lose some.

People come into hell giving me the look like I am the … well, of course, I am the devil. But the mortals have to know that I didn’t send them in here. I don’t have all the power. Life and death is in His hands, remember? The lord giveth, the lord taketh. But the unreasoning mortals think I do all the taking. I am not saying I don’t do my own share of taking; I am the grim reaper after all. But he takes more than I do, and I don’t take anything without his nod. Any soul that comes to me must have been rejected by Michael, who is the Gate keeper of heaven (yet he puffs himself up). The angst should be directed at him, not me. Mortals always misplace anger and priorities. Michael should be given the first priority in anger. Coming into hell with an attitude only fuels the fire. Of course, I exert my pound of flesh, by keeping my guests quite busy. I try to make the place more colourful and memorable. Yeah. It beats heaven, where u only get to wear white and see only gold. It gets too bright for the eyes. We do all manner of dancing and stuff in here, but in heaven, u put on white and join the 24 elders and all the old bearded prophets to bow down and worship incessantly. The bowing gets hard on the waist. In hell we try to diversify, it brings unity and people are kept busy.

You would be surprised at the class of mortals I get down here: kids, preachers, dignitaries, rulers, all kinds. I don’t like getting kids in here… Hold on, I don’t have any love for them, though some are almost as evil as I am portrayed; I just feel that they would have been of more benefit if they lived longer in their twisted lives, a little more time to spread their poison. Getting them in here so early is a waste of resource. I don’t fail to berate my angels if they are responsible.

The stars and celebs are much down here, we try to accord them some form of regard, depending on how creative they were in vice and their contribution to my business. Sometimes I come around and see how my guests fare. I call them guests just in respect; of course none who comes here gets to leave, except he makes a deal with me. I like watching them move to the fire and get there groove on. Where did they learn all this contortions?

Another shocker would be the requests some of the guests make here in hell. A onetime richest man on earth wanted to know how his estate was faring. I laughed so hard. Well, I told him it was doing very good without him; he didn’t seem so much pleased with my answer. I indicated to my Dj’s that he should be kept busier. He needed more concentration and focus on the task down here. Another wanted to know who his wife was…em…doing it with; was it his best friend? He had always suspected them both. Many wanted above anything else, vengeance. I prefer those. I will let you know that once in a while I make certain deals here. Of course God doesn’t have to know, I keep it hush- hush. A really determined mortal can get a respite above ground if he/she can bring more souls on returning. I only grant the deal to mortals with potentials; people who can deliver. I granted one terrorist few more years if he would deliver more souls to my cause. Well, he took his time, but he succeeded in blowing up himself along with some notable Israelis. It was a win- win situation for me. His action above ground started a chain reaction that delivered more souls to my cause. Smart, right? Well, I am Lucifer!

An injustice was done, it was done long ago. And I have been serving my term; an unjust sentence. I only seek a fair hearing, just to be understood. Whatever crime I committed, man has done much worse. I have no appeal, no pardon. Perhaps to whom much is given, much is exerted from. But I know my true enemies. It is almost time to confront Michael, my chief accuser. But first, my memoir.

Let me start from the beginning…


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  1. Guy. First of all comot this thing and go properly paragraph and punctuate it. It makes for no enjoyment at all. Really.

    But I see where this is going…and I think its a cool concept. Don’t fuck it up with poor execution sha.

    In other news…you have to admit…(our secret).

  2. @seun, no be so the thing be when I post am o. Our secret, any? Wait make I ping you.

    1. That’s the spirit. That’s the response I’d expect.

      PS: don’t you think its odd you didn’t ask what the secret is?

      1. @seun, I swear if say you no be fellow musketeer, I for …..I posted an appeal as an excerpt to this post, pleading that corrections should be made to this post, but admin forget that one.

        1. @kaycee so @admin can actually do dat? Eh, where are mai pictures o!!@admins!!!

  3. Admin, where the excerpts o, I thought we talked bout this.

  4. @kaycee, u’ve started well, nice concept. please make succeeding series prettier as they come.

    1. Thanks, @festus, @admin will make adjustments presently, I hope..

  5. @Kaycee broooooooooo!!! U re taking on something very very BIG here o!!! Luckily for you no be the other religion u dey write about (we for don Haram Kobo u) Hahahahahaha!

    By the way, I got ur digits…thanks. I like this here…in a cautious way (because it is literature)…but I am sure it is bound to cause a whole lot of trouble!!!

    Lastly check:

    “There are two sides to every story. Even in your courts, no case is decided until both parties have been heard or represented. I am not so comfortable that mere mortals are to preside over the rift between God and I, but God gave mortals the impetus in the first place, so let it be so….” – why is “God” having a first letter capitalized? I would fink Lucifer would not be so respectful…abi?

  6. Hahahahahaha, @shai, no be small thing o.
    Me was just catching fun o.
    Even the devil knows God is the supremo, but we could ask him sha. Lol.

    1. OK …hanging on for the next installment.

      1. I also see u also did the time-tracking thingy. Nice touch, just before midnight. Creepy.

        1. Time is almost up, Repent o.

          1. In short, this very night. Bros, this here íڪ going to raise a storm (believe ë) the theme alone…it íڪ either going to make U̶̲̥̅̊ or forever break U̶̲̥̅̊ ! U̶̲̥̅̊ a drawing a very, very clear line here for people (ur friends, well-wishers, enemies et al) to either join U̶̲̥̅̊ or forever turn their backs on U̶̲̥̅̊ (as an agent of the anti-Christ).

            I just dey talk mai own o!

            1. Hold your peace! I am aware of the potentials of the book.

  7. Nice one, good imaginative concept. Love it!

    1. @amaviv,thanks. He likes it too.

  8. My own Musketeer, this is…WONDERFUL. I swear I was smiling as I read this. Kai! I don dey see people wey I fit work with soon enough oh! I swear. Just U wait *fingers crossed*.

    Like Seun said, small editing work is needed. Still, MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T KEEP ME WAITING OH!

    P.S. This is the best I have read from U. Ur Voice is really strong here.

    1. Don’t worry,the editing is being taken care of. Will post the first chapter today.
      What voice is that? I have nothing to do with the story, its totally Lucifer’s memoir, I just happened to find it somewhere.

      1. Hehehe…I understand. U n Lucifer must be tight then, or maybe na ya Ancestor for una to dey talk d same way, hehehe *_O! Well, thank U for ‘Finding’ the Memoir. Please ‘Find’ more!!!

        1. I could tell you why to find King Lucifer, he is quite busy though, but if you come with a good sacrifice, I could make arrangements.. Call this line if you ά̲̣яε serious…666999777, some one will tell you what to do.

          1. Lool! I am okay with Jesus Christ, thank U. But seriously, are U on FB? If U r, send me ya contact, or add me up ASAP.

            1. You could have simply asked for KL’s FB account.

              1. Hehehe. No worry. Dat one na special case!

  9. darkly humorous
    noticed the typos 2
    i really look forward to reading more of this…

  10. @admin, thanks for the adjustments.

  11. @shai. Its actually a christian book. I would have loved to explain, but then, why would I do that? Spoils the fun.
    Suffice it to say that I am not unwise, and I know what I am about.
    No matter, the book will cause controversy, that’s sort of the whole point, but it will draw more eyes to the underlying subtle message.
    @shai, let me challenge you, read the post again, thoroughly and see if you can get the true message. If you still don’t, then we will ping.

    This is the nearest to an apology u will get on my abrupt reply to ur last comment. I normally use ‘lol’ to soften my tone but…

    1. @kaycee o fink I know U̶̲̥̅̊ a bit to understand U̶̲̥̅̊ . The earlier comment was not even meant to irk U̶̲̥̅̊ in any way. No matter anyways. Just saw ur comments here, I will revert ASAP.

  12. Big ups bro,you too much.keep the flag flying,I love this,but make God no read am o…

    1. Uche, thanks for reading. God has read it too, and he is smiling and shaking his head.

      1. Hmmm…you can’t be serious…i foresee controvesy in this…pray it doesn’t get hotter.

        1. The hotter the better.

  13. In the first few paragraphs, this looked like it would be heretically funny… for instance, I loved the part where Satan mocks those who bind and cast him. But then, it lost focus – if he wasn’t Satan as we know him, who exactly was he? I just didn’t seem to get a sense of his place in the order of things.

    1. @Tolaodejayi,What exactly do you think the book is all about? He is trying to tell you exactly that he is not exactly who you thought he was. If you pay attention you will find out who he really is. The book didn’t loose focus. Its not going to be a stereo typical ‘devil’ book. Its Lucifer’s point of view, not yours.

      1. I know that he is giving his point of view, not mine – I’m just a reader. But as I said, it is not yet clear what exactly his point of view is.

        Anyhow, you seem to indicate that there is a part 2 to this, so I’ll wait and see. It would have been more obvious that there was more to come if you had titled the story “UN-HOLY BIBLE:King Lucifer’s Version (1)“, as is the fashion with other multi-part stories on NS.

        1. @Tolaodejayi Its posted under novel excerpts, series. And this is the prologue. Chapter one comes next. Then two…
          But thanks for adding your voice, every input matters.

        2. @Tolaodejayi, Its posted under novel excerpts, series. And this is the prologue. Chapter one comes next. Then two…
          But thanks for adding your voice, every input matters.

          1. Haaaaa ñå wa o! Haba, why now?

            1. Why what again?

  14. Kaycee…KC!
    To be very honest, at first I was like; what kind of heresy is KC gonna dish out hereand I said a forgiveness prayer before reading but I saw the comical view of it and after a while, I gotta give it to you…You did this good!. Couple of typos here and there but werent distracting enough for me.

    for some weird dark reason, I wanna read what’s next. I hope God aint mad at us:)
    Good job!

    1. @chetachi, hahahahaha, the book is gonna get funnier. How have you been?
      Thanks for reading.

  15. Nice one Kaycee! Looking forward to part 2.Just one question:isn’t Peter at the gates of Heaven?

    1. Fisherman Peter? What would he be doing at the gate? Lol.

  16. Pleading the blood of Jesus, I bind and I cast! LOL…

    1. Lol, I do hope the blood of Jesus doesn’t run out soon. So… What’s your take on this? Your casting and binding didn’t tell much.
      Thanks for reading.

      1. @kaycee /@myne be careful not to blaspheme!

  17. @shai, glad you saw the light just in time. Was coming for y…..

  18. @kaycee I just re-read (it waSn’t easy using mai phone).
    ˚☺k° ƔǒƲ talked about a subtle message yea? I must confess it íڪ well hidden, if at all it can be deduced from this prologue.
    But beyond what the theme of the piece íڪ Απϑ how it íڪ easy to let the mind veer into spheres uncharted the first few lines for ë íڪ where the message íڪ… íڪ like U̶̲̥̅̊ re proselytizing the faith. Will gladly engage U̶̲̥̅̊ in further discourse if U̶̲̥̅̊ deem it necessary.

    1. @shai, yeah, you can engage me in further discourse. Did you note that there was No direct attack on God? Everything said about God in the prologue ά̲̣яε absolute truths from the Bible. I don’t want the true message to be too obvious.

      1. @kaycee sure. I noticed…refer to M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ earlier comment abiut D̶̲̥̅̊ respect lucifer still accorded to God. However, U̶̲̥̅̊ did not touch on what I said…it íڪ a proselytization of the faith or not? U̶̲̥̅̊ can reach ë on the other medium if ƔǒƲ want.

        1. That would be left to the reader. Its a kinda court case after all. I am only presenting the Other view. But I don’t think I’m trying to convert anyone to any faith. I am not preaching really.

  19. comments reserved!!!!!

    1. @emmyfrosty, sorry dear. No more ‘reservations’ here, check the next brothel.

  20. Kayceeeeeee, I am ashamed to say I loved it. Apart from the ‘fit’ – ‘feat’; ‘people’ – ‘person’, it had a dark and twisted sense of humor. Even though some parts seemed slow, on the overall, I loved it. Post the next one sharp sharp!

    1. Thanks my dear. Noted.

  21. Holy mother of bolivia! this is deep oo! The personification makes it entertaining, together with the humor embedded in it.

    I get it, in as much as you being “Lucifer” are trying to explain yourself, you are cryptically passing a message on how to defeat you. Yeah to defeat your enemy you have to know all you can about your enemy. The message is clear, but it creeps me out to find out how much I really underestimated Lucifer.

    Nice concept but “the unreasoning mortals” will crucify you for this ooo, better brace yourself for that.

    I patiently awaits the next installment.


  22. Lol! I didn’t know Bolivia had a holy mother.
    Comments noted.
    Thanks for reading.

  23. For Kilimajaro’s sake!! Wow. This is deep in that it pokes at, with a desire to puncture, the holy bags of religion, using the fork of creativity. And has the pottentials of causing a huge inferno when published. An inferno much like that of Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. Yet, it is fiction all the same and should be advisedly judged only in its level of creativity and use of literary skills. Nice use of personification and considerable emotions like “appearing like an angel of light”. God is the Supermaster and the all-knowing to have allowed your Muse sneak this into your head. For Kilimanjaro’s sake!!

  24. Lol!
    @jeff unaegbu. You comment cracked me up.
    Thanks a lot.

    I have made some editing, which I hope would make the book a better read.

  25. midas (@midas)

    God gracious!
    Where is my Holy water? Lol
    @Kaycee: the wise-cracks in here is the BOMB. I can feel my ribs straining against my abdomen with every tickle.
    I say again, this is the BOMB…this is really deep. Beyond the wit and humor, there is a philosophical depth to it that Is ‘insanely’ thought-provoking.
    I love this, and I suspect I’m going to be threading this path/page as often as I can for a dose of brilliant pen-manship and a big laugh for good measure.
    This one is for the fray!

    1. @midasThanks a lot, man, I am encouraged.
      I just hope the rest of the book meets up with the prologue

  26. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    Ummm, @kaycee. Nice stuff. Well I saw where you used being instead of been and one other error..

    Then was thinking as I read, dont think lucifer is responsible for death. Death is an angel of its own that acts on commands from God so maybe you should add the angel of death when you describe those who have died. Me thoughts.

    I’m not suprise anyway, you are a philosopher. Good job.

  27. Now, @gooseberry, this is the kind of comment I hate to read. You should not tell me how to do my thing. Do not argue with it, it is not a textbook. Thanks for the correction on the miss spelt word. If Lucifer is not responsible for death, then who is? I don’t care who, anyway, it is fiction I can say whatever I like.

    1. @kaycee In every lie, there is a truth. And Fiction or Story telling is essentially telling one big fat greek lie. Now what makes the lie believable, apart from the authors discriptive and narrative skill as a writer / story teller, are the elements of truth in the story that props up the big fat greek lie. Now young man….. Lucifer is not responsible for death, he is not the angel of death or the grim reaper as you wrote. That is a truth that your fiction is currently without, making it less believable and the quality of the piece being reduced.

      The many popular fictional stories in the genre which I would class your story, are quite detailed and have a narrative that is predicated on some real truth or real fact. You should keep this in mind as you develop this piece.

      By the way you love to criticize and offer comments ( on other peoples works that do not deserve such comments) a lot. Why are you telling @gooseberry “You should not tell me how to do my thing. Do not argue with it, it is not a textbook”. Is your ego getting in the way if appreciating constructive critique? …lol…

      You are lucky that I find this story funny, like a Nigerian film, hence it is impossible to do a proper disection without laughing. If I did one, you would probably hate me if you hate @gooseberry‘s comments…lol…

      1. @eldee, or @codrojac, any one would notice that you totally enjoy bantering with me.
        Your glee is palpable.
        Congratulations, you have my attention. Your comments have been read, and discarded, don’t be too sad.
        The whole book is a lie so don’t expect any truths. I believe in the lie, and that’s all that matter. Lucifer is or isn’t responsible for death? I don’t really know, I don’t care. I will only change spelling and typing errors and all other errors in that class.

        Your igbo heritage is no concern and has no input to the book.
        You mentioned my ego or something…Remember, this is kaycee, I wear my ego cloak everywhere. Not everyone can afford a cloak that expensive

        1. @kaycee I just pointed out a few things to you that I have been taught in creative writing classes and workshops, It is basic fiction 101 for any budding fiction writer but hey you know better ..lol…There is no glee here, unlike your bloated self, I do not take fun in deriding people, I am not trying to put you down…. though it will be hard to take an author who doesn’t know the basics seriously.

          Look, a lot of foreigners, like my partner who has read your story, come through this site, you or any one else myself included can’t just write crap on this site any more man. Even science fiction has to have the basic science fact right as the fictional part is built up. Don’t start falling our collective hands

          Any way the Igbo thing was mentioned by my partner, she is not a Nigerian but loves Nigerian films and this site is her window into contemproray Nigerian literature. She first hinted at the nigerian film quality of your story and it’s igbo feel after attending some course/workshops for artistes/ writers/film critics on Nollywood and it’s relationship with the famed Onitsha market literature …lol….I agree with her,

          About your ego …one day you shall dance naked in public and you won’t know it.. ..lol …an ego is no cloak at all. I will be there with my camera though …hehehe… snap snap…

  28. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    Hmmmmm. I’m not telling you how to write your story. Just gave you my thoughts. You used real characters and the death is real. I dint tell you to change your style or anything in the story afterall, you mentioned death. Now, you can trash my thoughts if you will buh that doesn’t mean I’m telling you how to write your story. Understand my point.

  29. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    And by the way, I’m allowed to think what I like while you write what you like. Your work is fiction, my thought is…. My thought, not an argument.

  30. Dude, I have read this like 5 times over, 6 times maybe. It had a certain quality that intrigued me and also seemed quite familar. It is only now I could grasp it, your story reads and feels like a Nigerian film….lol..even the title of the piece…lol..and I also take it you are of Igbo heritage (I am igbo too) if you are, it comes through in the way you write. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know how…..lol.

    This is not a critique, just an observation…love the concept of the story though, keep writing. 1.

  31. Lucifer strike that your mouth! My book reads like a Nigerian film???
    That is the worst observation ever.
    I am from Niger state, sorry.

  32. @codrojac, Na wao!

    Are we still talking about Lucifer being the grim reaper?
    I have no interest in the courses you and your partner have been taking. Tell her I said thanks for reading. (I know she loved it)
    Hold on! Did you change your user name? Oh! You are the same Ld that was stalking all my posts and re reading all my comments! You even admitted reading this post 5/6 times.
    Damn! I have a stalker!
    You are my number 1 fan. I will sign the autograph.

    Now, channel this your energy some place else. Go write something of your own and stop the fixation.

    1. Sorry dude, nothing personal it’s just that there is a thing about big egos being humbled (which always happens..lol) I find amusing especially when a man cloathed in an expensive cloak of ego dances naked in public … I am hoping to see that before I leave NS. Don’t worry though..I won’t laugh too loudly.

  33. nice story… but me am one skeptical human being…

  34. I have read this a thousand and one times. Very refreshing I must say. Each time I read it, it still captures.
    One thing though, i’ll like you to have a thorough check on your paragraghing. Its kind of not too tight, you missed some lines that ought to be started in new paragraphs.
    From my little knowledge, when i’m chanced i’ll mail specifics to you.
    Best of luck!!!

  35. topazo (@topazo)

    Mehn u hv one twisted mind to think from Lucifer’s angle!
    But ur writing is deep …though I never envisioned Lucifer as hvn any sense of humor
    I guess d book wl b tight…

  36. Rears on the verge of irreverence *grin*

  37. Dominic Ohai (@DominicOhai)

    Is the book out yet? Looking forward to reading it

  38. Simply creative!
    Hopefully, you would successfully transform the idea into a book.
    Don’t let the “churchy” readers discourage you.
    I think you made an effort to be balance.
    It’s a good read.

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