The Unveiling

The Unveiling

The door opened and there she was, walking down the aisle towards him, each step carefully placed in front of the other. She had chosen a more traditional style with a high neckline and long sleeves, with a floor length skirt and embroidered bodice. It was simple and she looked absolutely stunning. Only she could wear something so simple elegantly. She was fumbling with the skirt and raised it with both hands to walk properly while the chief bridesmaid gathered her train behind her. The music was playing softly and there was a general bustle as several heads turned towards her.

He could tell the moment she saw him, although her steps did not falter, there was a subtle spring to her steps like she was gliding towards him. He could not see her face through the layer of white lace that covered her eyes but he could tell she was smiling and he knew that her eyes were twinkling like they always did whenever she was excited about something.

He watched her make her way slowly towards him and he was awed at how beautiful she looked. He remembered thinking the same thoughts four years ago when he first saw her, and his mouth had hung open just like they were now.

He had been in front of the library talking to a friend, who was coming out from the library while he was going in. He remembered he had been mildly irritated at the intrusion; he had an important exam the next day and all he could think of was the volumes of pages to be covered and here he was listening to his friend talking about the premier league match of the previous day. His friend was giving him a summary of the match as he had missed the match himself. He was listening half mindedly looking for the best way to ditch his friend who was getting excited with each word.

Then he saw her.

She was walking down the stairs alongside two of her friends each on either side of her. She had been laughing in a carefree manner at something the lady on her right had said, throwing her head backwards revealing the delicate skin on her neck. Her voice had carried to where he was standing and it enveloped him, delightful to his ears. He had remembered thinking that he would be a lucky man if he were to hear that laughter every day of his life.  Then she had looked at him at that moment with those light brown eyes which were twinkling and he had felt like she could see into his soul and read his thoughts. Abruptly, her laughter died and her eyes lingered on his for a second longer and he felt a tingling sensation all the way down his spine to his toes, and he suddenly felt hot. She looked flustered too, as she quickly averted her gaze and stared at her legs as she made her way past him.

It was then he realized that his friend had stopped talking and he struggled to recall what he had said. When he finally looked at his friend he was chuckling softly and moments later burst into a roaring laughter that made his cheeks all hot. He could feel the heat rushing to his cheeks as he realized that he had just been caught ogling a girl in public. His friend was saying something about him finally being interested in a lady but he was still trying to wrap his head around the meaning of that zing of electricity that had run through his body and still making his nerve endings sing.

Moments later, when he was settled in his chair in the library, he had been unable to concentrate on the book opened before him. All he could see was the way her eyes lit up when she laughed and the way her yellow top had clung to her body and accentuating her curves. What he couldn’t shake was her penetrating gaze that seemed to reach into the deepest part of his soul making him feel exposed and bare. He knew then that he had to see her again. He had to get to know her.

It had taken about a year to get her to date him, and another year before she said ‘yes’ to his marriage proposal.

She was walking down the aisle towards him now, and he thought to himself how lucky he was to have found someone he could call his soul mate. Yes, Lucy was his soul mate. She was almost at the altar now….

And then she was standing next to him in front of the altar. He was smiling sheepishly when he lifted the veil from her face. Yes, there was that twinkling in her eyes as she smiled back at him, conveying in that one smile her deepest affection and love. His heart constricted and he knew he was the luckiest man alive. He never thought there could be such love as she has shown him till now but he could see in her eyes the promise of more. The exchange of vows came and the service passed quickly and it was time to kiss the bride.

He leaned forward and held her face in his hands and kissed her softly and in that one kiss the promise of something magical when they were alone. She seemed to be replying him with her kiss too. And then she moaned softly, barely imperceptible but he felt it deep in his belly. He couldn’t wait to be alone in the room with her…..

The room began to be dim and he could only see her outline like a silhouette against the light…

He felt a hand on his bare chest caressing him gently and moving down towards his belly and felt his body respond in a primal way. With half open eyes he leaned across to kiss her, whispering her name, rolling it on the tip of his tongue, tasting its sweetness…

Then the hand stopped. He opened his eyes squinting against the light that was streaming in through the slit in the curtains.  Staring back at him with narrowed eyes was his newly wedded bride, naked from the waist up with her hands supporting her head and the other balled into fist on his tummy, close to his solar plexus….

‘’Who is Lucy?’’ she asked…….

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  1. You got me @topazo :)
    Yeah, who is Lucy?

  2. lolz, and who is the bride?

  3. @topazo -yep, answer both questions

  4. Lol. Snap! Who really is Lucy?

  5. hehehehehehehe. Nice! Lucy oh Lucy!

  6. Any one calls Lucy is always trouble…Haba@Topazo, you too much and me know who that Lucy be!

  7. Lucy? Lucy’s the girl, he wish he married…the same one that’s going to get him assaulted by his new bride.
    Exquisite…but for
    “All he could see was the way her eyes lit up when she laughed and the way her yellow top had clung to her body AND accentuating her curves”
    “He never thought there could be such love as she HAS shown him till now but he could see in her eyes the promise of more”

  8. pls who is lucy? i said lucky dear…that covers all. nice work

  9. Very interesting one here…you’re very tricky guy… Good ending..makes me ask for more. Oliver twist.@topazo..well done sir

    1. @shomyk tnks fr ur kind words

  10. Lucy, give him the punch, quickly! LOL.

    1. @eletrika its nt lucy that wl give d punch o, in fact it’s lucy that will get him punched by his bride

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