That Smile

That Smile

Oh that smile
The aura of it lights me up
Its glow, a sizzling warmth.

She laughed
A loud bubble of fiery cheer
Its sound, none compares.

Upon her hair
The morning sun shone
Its weaved lines, a wonder to behold.

Her lips moved
They slowly touched in a delightful tease
Her every wish, I wanted to please.

Spellbound I stood
In the subtle sway of her waist
I fell in love, over and over again.

And our eyes met
With cultured finesse, she whispered ‘Hi’
As her sylph like figure glided by.

I stood in shock
Mumbling ‘Bye’ to the sway of her hips
Trapped in the mien of such bliss.

Anderson Paul 2012

6 thoughts on “That Smile” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. This guy…!!!!

    Been a while sine I read anything from you. And this is so worth the wait.

    Well done.

  2. Truly alluring @MR Anderson…am enthralled and me too is a gal!

  3. You na bad guy na. Nice!

  4. Anderson of “Kids Prayer”.
    All the newbies should read that poem. I heartily recommend it.

  5. Lightens up my day! Lovely

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