Thank God I’m Alive

Thank God I’m Alive

This sane morning, I woke up with body pains. It struck me with a well-angered energy. How could a reasonable, good morning serve me such a concoction of pains? I wondered, vexed and even hoped to transfer my angst to any who would irk me, but reason came to play a little while before I sauntered out of the hard mattress I had been lying on. It reminded me of something that appeared vague and irrelevant; of a biological concept that most of us crammed through mnemonic (and I never really gave a damn about biology quite much). It plunged me into the characteristics of living things, you know… Mr Niger! Immediately, it dawned on me that I only experienced those pangs of pain because I STILL LIVED. I am NOT STILL. I am ALIVE!
Response to external cum internal stimuli is an attribute of life (exception of some areas of physics, chemistry and materials sciences – they have produced ‘smart’ materials). That I could feel hungry as I’m feeling right now, because my organs are in the good and functioning states; that meandering on that hard bed – how did I even know it’s hard? – implied an ability to move. MR NIGER! This isn’t absurd at all!
My reasoning got drowned by the familiar biblical phrase, “let everything that has breath praise the LORD’. As it frolicked through the oesophagus of this new awakening, it encountered many other signs of life and growth. Ahh! Before my thoughts could comfortably rest in the belly of this reawakening, the pains had scampered away. Joy roamed the air of my composure… I am alive! That alone warrants a million THANK-YOUs to the one who made life and allowed death power for the meantime.

So I am on my knees, prostrating so that my bottom points somewhere else; to chart its course should I release foul air. I present a comprehensive thank-you speech to my God for the life I am living, and the one He has promised. You might get to know, that, I’m not losing thought of pleading with Him to bless my family and friends, not only those on my MTN FAF list o! I am asking Him to overlook my short-comings and ‘long-goings’. I am placing a request for guidance throughout the day, for me and for you; for my boss and my neighbours; for my family head and our nation’s head; for that lonely girl and the supposedly partying guy; for His (I mean, God’s) biological and foster children; and for all and sundry!

Well, I know I cannot exhaust my pleas as quickly as I did my thanks, so I think it best to allow Him avail me His wishes that His will may prevail…

…now that I know (renewed insight, after all) that as long as I wake and see, touch, feel, hear and breathe the day, I am poised to remit my appreciation to the Almighty God, thank God I’m alive!

So I suppose thanking God isn’t new to you, is it?


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  1. I found this piece interesting, you know sometimes we are carried away by the things we don’t have that we forget to thank God for the much he has given us so far

  2. I thank God for that, too. Thanks for reminding me that.

  3. I also use this moment to say THANK YOU JESUS

  4. hmmmmm… I just cant say anything about the write-up lest I….

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