Pen Masters

Pen Masters

With shaky hands,

Wandering thoughts

I try to hold my pen

Struggling to scribble this piece

With a view to please pen maestros


Afraid of critics

Whose words are as painful

As the sting of the bee

I hide

So as not to displease the masters


Living like a slave

Deprived of freedom

I hide my pen

Denying my impressions expression

I seek not to attract the vilifications of the masters


My life

Encircled by the shackles of fear and criticism

Lose its savour

‘Cos my pen

Though filled with ink

Is nowhere to be found


Somewhere in me

I have found strength

To keep writing

Fuck the critics!

If they were that perfect

Would they be reading this piece?





9 thoughts on “Pen Masters” by Ogwo David Emenike (@ogwodavies)

  1. Fear no one, write for no one but yourself.
    Fuck the critics?They are fucking you already and enjoying it while u are not.
    Your last line is wrong. “Why reading” …

    And that four letter word destroyed a nice poem.

  2. Dont use “f***…its a foul language for a nice Poet..

  3. lol… @ Kaycee… Thanks…but I deliberately destsoyed the poem as God did destroy His beautiful creations…lol

  4. It’s fun being a poem-destroyer… Lolz

  5. @ Whiz Da Poet… I had to use the F word. I needed to…

  6. i dont understand. i cant seem to remember where God destroyed his beautiful creation

  7. @ Ohmston Weth, my man, I’ll remind you with this line: ‘…And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done.’ Genesis 8 vs. 21 (NIV)

    Never to worry, I’ll post the original version that was ok (for my mind)…lol

  8. Well i tink d critics r der to make d writers better…and holdin their comments in d right perspective is key to using dem for growth.

    The use of “fuck” wasnt good

    “If they wer dt perfect, why read this piece” hmmm…nt a logical conclusion to this poem. Do we read cos we r perfect?

  9. @ topazo, oh yes! Critics are there to make the writer better. But most criticisms demoralize young writers. I think it’s better to correct than to criticize.

    Don’t take the use of the F word personal.

    I messed the poem up with the last line… Yes, I did it deliberately. Mind you, bro, Never expect logic and reason to govern human affairs.

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