Painting the world

Painting the world

Capture the world in all its beauty,

paint a still life

frame it

hang it on the wall.

Splash it with bright colours

make bold your strokes;

show off its beauty with the avidity of your brush




Capture the world in all its fury,

like a raging storm with

flashes of lightning overhead.

Paint the blackness and darkness of the skies


and the helplessness of the man adrift at sea with

the shore

so near but yet so far.



Capture the world in all its promise;

the grass springing up after the rain is past,

the sun breaking through the layers of cloud,

itching to lend its rays on the earth;

cheering up the birds and setting them to sing;

coaxing the fluttering of the wings of the butterflies.



Capture the world with colours

tell a tale of its many sides:

set it up- a painting on a wall

drawing to it by its realness

men from all walks of life.

13 thoughts on “Painting the world” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. This is nice. Well done.

  2. Doc, you done good here, nice piece. Life has several shades and colours…

    1. @excellency thanks so much…yea life sure does

  3. @topazo If I render u a painting of ‘ my world’ U sef go fear!

      1. cool, anytime.

  4. Woah! This is a masterpiece, and I mean masterpiece with a big M.

    This poem is so beautiful, deep, and sweeping in it’s treatment of this thing called life.

    I swear, you are a poet!

    Well done. Keep improving your art. You will be great someday.

    1. @chemokopi
      Thanks! I’m blushing

  5. Olabimpewumi (@Olabimpewumi)


    1. @innoalifa thanks for reading and commenting

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