OBAMA – A Victory Poem of Sorts

OBAMA – A Victory Poem of Sorts


Only those who believe
In their dreams of dark nights
Can the laurel of victory receive.

Bring out the drums
And beat a tune for our legs,
Rhythm to bring to life our fat bums.

Ahh, sweet verdict
Of eagerly thumbing thumbs!
Where are those that did failure predict?

Mitt is muffled,
The Oval Room retained
And Obama’s hair unruffled.

After all is silent
And the victory songs are over:
Repay the trust which we willingly lent!

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16 thoughts on “OBAMA – A Victory Poem of Sorts” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. lol…bros, you dey do poetry or you dey market your blog?

    E be like say you’re an Obama fan…

    1. All join Oga @Afronuts.

      O boy, e don reach 1million years wey I read ya comment last…How far na? You dey this world abi na heaven you dey dey comment with HeavenBerry9?

      1. haba…e no long reach oh…na u scarce for NS.

        1. Na lie o…Oga @Afronuts, I no scarce reach you

  2. @xikay: Let’s see if we can get this tribute to the Oval office :-)

    Obama’s hair unruffled?
    Bro, am I missing something
    All’s well that ends well, I get
    Many battles lay before the Kahuna, still
    And his rapidly graying temple tells more of toil than age.

    1. @midas o boy, the guy don suffer no be small

  3. Who is this Obama person?
    Is he a Nigerian or a movie star?

    1. na nollywood actor oga @Kaycee

  4. nollywood obama? nice poem

  5. nollywood obama? nice poem

    1. Yes na oga @laworemike..e no possible ni?

  6. That Obama machine na something else.

  7. @xikay … so realistically true –

      1. @xikay … you are welcome…

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