Man’s Wickedness To Man

Man’s Wickedness To Man

The city is painted red

Awash with the blood of the lowly

Innocent, slaves, servants

Lives of war and sex

Maidens defiled by monsters

Their pride, a prize for the savage.


Wickedness in high places

The departure of freedom

The emergence of woe and foe

Bloody sacrifice for bloody freedom

Freedom, even as it is noted

Never is free at all.


Crowds cheering at the prosecution

Of yet another slave, servant, offender

Forgetting these ones were at a time

Fellow citizens and free.


In the craving for power

The lower citizen suffers

The ones atop have nothing to lose

For whether you win or not

They keep themselves

And their lives.


I have yet again

Seen the nature of man

Through many glasses.

5 thoughts on “Man’s Wickedness To Man” by uzywhyte (@uzywhyte)

  1. Wickedness everywhere. True. Nice.

  2. I like the last stanza.

  3. a city of blood and bile

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