Magical night and perplexities

Magical night and perplexities

It was the second day of the month of the month of Ramadan; Musa sat on the bed distraught.

He had just received the news from his girlfriend that she was pregnant. How could she be pregnant?! At this time? This was not good, at all. He sat on the bed brooding, oblivious of the passage of time. Several thoughts were going through his mind; thoughts that could defile and spoil the fasting. He was in a dilemma. If he waited till the end of the fasting period, it might be too late-she was already 6weeks into the pregnancy. He was beginning to think that her timing was intentional, choosing to wait till Ramadan season to break the news; like she intended to trap him with the pregnancy .

He knew Raliat and he knew she was not capable of doing something like that. He knew that she loved him but he also knew that she was naïve. If she was just telling him about the pregnancy, it was because she had just found out about it. Now that he thought about it he could hear the panic and apprehension in her voice when she had been speaking with him. Her voice had been unusually high and he knew that she had been fighting for control and trying to stay calm.

His eyes drifted to his phone lying face down on the bed some few feet from him where he had thrown it after disconnecting the call. He had been speechless after Raliat had broken the news to him; his mouth had gone dry and his brain had emptied of all thoughts. He had disconnected the call without uttering a sound, and had thrown the phone far from him like it was the bearer of the bad news.

Even now, he was still having a hard time believing this was all happening. A part of him was still hoping this was an unusually vivid dream and he would soon arouse from it sweating profusely from the intensity. That would be a welcome relief he thought as he looked down at his chest and discovered that his shirt was wet and clinging to his skin. He looked up absent mindedly and noticed that the ceiling fan was blowing at its highest and outside the weather was cool and a soft breeze was blowing in through the open windows. He shook his head as he remembered the popular saying of one of his professors at school. He would often say that when the students saw his examination questions in the exam hall, they would be sweating under the air conditioning. He had not thought it possible until now. What should he do? The question kept raging in his mind and like before no answer came to mind. In his wildest dream he had never imagined he would be in this position, not at this time.

He remembered that night vividly. He had taken all the necessary precautions and nothing had gone wrong. Well, apparently nothing had gone right. It had been a memorable night, one that both of them had been talking about for a long time and it had been as beautiful as they had imagined it to be.

Raliat had been a virgin and had wanted her first time to be special. It had taken her a long time to be ready to take the step and she had told him she wasn’t in a hurry to take the step. He had waited for her for six months and it had been her who had broached the topic that night and had told him that she was ready. He could remember he had sat upright and taken her hands in his and looking into her eyes had asked her if she was sure that she was ready. She had giving him an adoring smile and nodded gently.

And the rest of the night had been magical. He had not been a virgin but he had not had any experience as wonderful as he did on that night. It was a union of hearts and body, and they had moved as one. He could remember the way she had yielded to him totally, giving him all and holding nothing back, and the peace that had enveloped him afterwards as she fell asleep in his arms.

That was six weeks ago, the first and only time they had been together. Who knew that the future could change in one hour? Now he had to pay for that one hour of bliss now turned sour.

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  1. Em…okay. This is a pretty basic story. I hope it is a first part – that there’s still more to expect.

    Okay. It is well written.

  2. Let’s try to write something that wouldn’t bore a reader to death.
    Do u know how common this your story is?

    1. @kaycee Hehehehehe…dts why we write na…abt common things dt occur everyday
      Im glad u ddnt die sha

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