Heart broken


I saw d future in your eyes
Before you,i saw mountains turn to ice.
It was a vision yet unfulfiled;
For how can it come to pass
When yet you stumble against rocks?
How can u move mountains
You who stagger against hills?
You who mock change,how can you change the world?
I stared deep into you heart
And saw steel not bones,
Yet I wonder at my vision
I wonder did my mind hallicunate?
For I see you broken,bruised,bent
­Like discarded dreams on disapproving knees.
Did I really see d steel in you?
Dear Lord,giver of visions,did You lie,did you lie?
Or was it I? Was it I?
I saw you burnin wit a flame,
A fire in your bones,
Burning with rage at lawless laws And unjust deeds.
Yet,openin my eyes,I see you
Indifferently shouldering your loads
With bent back and wrinkled brow.Is the fire a mirage,an apparition
Making mockery of this future I see
That is not yet come to be?
Lord,I ask for this woman of my dreams
To come alive,to come to be,
Returning d bruiser bruise for bruise
And takin their captors in shackles.

Lady, rise and rise so tall,
Do not waste a single tear more.
Tighten your babies against your backs
And contend for a place to stand.
Contend for a seat to sit
Among kings and holy men.
They say silence is golden
But they lied,they fooled you
For you who are quiet,how can
You make your voice be heard
How can you hope for rescue
Unless you scream?
Yes,scream at the men who
Put chains round your necks
In d name of tradition and
In thename of submission
Who trash your rivers
And plunder your oil wells;
Let your voice echo like scattered thunders
You must scream..