The desert-faring easterly

Swept the invading Arabian horde

Into Nubian climes

And for the price of jasmine and spice

A harem was exchanged

Indigenous gods were ousted

Traded for the deity

Of a foreign land

Centuries after

A people conquered and subdued

Find affinity with

And pledge loyalty more

To the cause of the descendants

Of their conquerors

Across deserts and oceans

Than to their own kith and kin

South of their borders.

The raging waters of the Atlantic

Ferried the wily paleness of Europe

To the shores of sub-Sahara

A bible in one hand

And gun powder in the other

Combat was inevitable

When the gun smoke cleared

Africa cowered with a bloodied nose

Clutching as if it was life itself

The pale one’s

Revision of Jewish history

Whilst Europe stamped

Its imprimatur across the Sahara.

It was perhaps the conspiracy

 Of time and fate

Economics and technology

The quest for knowledge and adventure

That ensured the encounter

Of men and cultures

From different climes

And enthroned

The ethos of dominance and subservience

That defines the affairs of men today.

(Inspired by the movie “Inception”)

3 thoughts on “Inception” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. wow! this is beautiful.

  2. @esosa, deep stuff. You’re right, the chip is currupted.

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