Fondest Memories

I will always look back at that fateful day with fondness; if you catch me smiling to myself, it would be most likely that I’m walking down memory lane, re-living that day.

The day started like every other day, with no indication whatsoever of what it held in store. The weather was not sunny like the fairy tale renditions of an earth shattering day; and definitely not as predicted in the weather forecast. A cloud hung low in the sky, and the air was chilly. It was mid-June, and you could see people walking about with umbrellas, prepared for another day of downpour.

‘’oh not again” I groaned inwardly as I left the house that morning. It had been raining all week and I hated carrying umbrellas, well I never owned one; it was just too much of a burden for me to carry about. I never believed the weather forecasters- they were all guessing as far as I was concerned;  and they usually are more wrong than right most of the time- but I was silently hoping their prediction would be right; it was high time the sun shone in the skies again.

There was nothing at all unusual about the day that would have indicated that something special or someone special would enter my life.

It was around 2pm in the afternoon after a busy morning in the clinics, during my lunch break. I finally had a few minutes to myself to rest and have some moment of peace and quiet. I was emotionally and physically drained; the work can do that to you. You needed all your energies to keep calm and offer help and hope to people in different forms of pain and different states of agitation.

That day, I decided to stay back in my office and grab a doughnut and a bottle of coke for lunch; I wasn’t really hungry. Or perhaps I was too tired to go out. While eating I decided to go ‘face-booking’.

And that was when I met her.

A friend request. I was reluctant at first, I hadn’t seen her before but I saw we had a mutual friend- a close friend of mine. Soon curiosity overcame me and I accepted the request.

Now one year later, I still smile at the memory of that day, of that moment; that moment of contemplation and inner debate – you see I’m a very private person and I don’t make friends easily, ‘’closed up” you’d say. That singular moment, that singular decision changed my life.

Funny how your life can change at the  click of a button…..

12 thoughts on “Fondest Memories” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. …so what happened? Keep it coming…

  2. Heart warming piece

  3. You didn’t finish naa. Or is that the end?

    Yeah, even the most trivial thing can change our lives forever. I got that.

    Well done.

    1. That’s the end o…she remains a special someone.

  4. I like.
    Keep it coming.

  5. Er, where’s story? What happened during your Facebook meeting?

    1. Story for another day

  6. Sure “story for another day”
    untill then.

    1. Lol…tnks fr reading

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