Doctor Do Something

Doctor Do Something

The flame dies… it dies now
growing cold in the noonday heat;
Bleary eyes beg and implore
seeking hope where none lies
“Doctor! Doctor! Do something”

The soul goes.. it goes now
torn from its terrestial nest;
Lifeless lids slowly they droop
sinking for one last, last time…

Pallid faces… masks of grief
show their whites in disbelief;
“This can’t be… it can’t be”
their chant against reality
“Doctor! Doctor!! Do something”

The flame is gone…forever gone
yet frantic eyes on me they turn
I shake my head silently
and wish I could do something

8 thoughts on “Doctor Do Something” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Nice. I like it.

    1. @ Seun-Odukoya, thanks

  2. Hmmmnnnn Deep.Kudos

    1. I’m flattered.

  3. The tragedy of life slipping away under the noses of loved ones….

    vivid…and something to remind us of our inevitable passing away from this world.


  4. Your dexterous use of words sharpened the poem. Well done.

  5. Nice one. Loved that it was told from the doctor’s POV as well.

  6. @ Myne, thanks. I’m flattered

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