Call For Submissions: Poems And Short Stories On The Flood

Call For Submissions: Poems And Short Stories On The Flood

The floods came differently for several people around the world. In Nigeria, it was unusual as the country had never experienced something like this before. So, do you have reflections, thoughts, lessons on the floods?

Do you have any poem or short story on the flood? Do send it in!!

SEVHAGE calls for them!


  1. A maximum of four poems per poet or two short stories for each short story writer. [Meaning you can send less than this maximum – Just saying :) ]
  2.  Maximum length is 35 lines for poems and 2000 words for short stories.
  3. Closing date of entry is 4th December, 2012.
  4. Expected date of publication is first quarter of 2013.
  5. Publication would be electronic with hard copies done later.
  6. Each submission should be accompanied by a sixty word bio of the poet/writer.
  7. Note that at the close of collection of entries, a selection process would be done and the best entries selected.
  8. Send to – you can also send all inquiries here.
  9. Email subject should read ‘POEM FOR FLOOD’ or ‘SHORT STORY FOR FLOOD’ depending on category being sent.
  10. Send as Microsoft Word 97-2003 attachment.
  11. Picture in Jpeg format less than 1MB accepted but optional.

Thank you and let’s see them come in! Best wishes…

8 thoughts on “Call For Submissions: Poems And Short Stories On The Flood” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Okay then.

    But what’s in it for the entrants – or is just something for a cause?

    I think such things should be made clear in cases like this.

    Nice one Su’Eddie. Definitely submitting stuff.

    1. @seun-odukoya, for a cause!
      Every person who submits is entitled to a copy of the collection soon as it is out.
      That’s about most of it :) Thanks!

  2. My best short story on the flood is the one that Noah inspired. Can i copy paste?

    1. lolz, with some modernization perhaps…

    2. @Kaycee: Alright wise guy, bring it up!! :)
      @excellency: From the guy who wrote a part of the opposite bible, you can never be too sure!

  3. wow, I missed an opportunity, yesterday was the dealine and I just joined today! Wish all of em luck

    1. @ortopazz: Hey, how are you doing? You just joined today! Congratulations! The submissions are on till 10th so don’t use that as an excuse! :)
      Take the guidelines as shown above and send what you can to

  4. Wow, i missed this. No be small thing oo. Been absent for a while.

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