Boy 2 Man

Boy 2 Man

At times like this,
When the wind whispers across my lips
In a gentle caress of a kiss,
And the rain thunders on atop the lids
Disregarding my concerns with all of a hiss,
I so do wish
That I were still a boy.

If I were still a boy,
Then I’d certainly sleep like a babe
Through the night without a second’s escape.
And when the morn unhooked the dark lady’s cape,
Spend those first sweet minutes through my window, wide agape.

But I am not because now, I can’t doze awhile
Without the thoughts weighing heavy on me like a whore’s wile.
The slightest sounds have me riled
And grabbing the club close by on the cold tiles.
When it dawns, the first thought is of the files
Which I must attend to even though they clog my lungs with bile
And adorn my desk in a hideous pile.

If I were still a boy,
Then I’d have no trouble heeding mother.
Following her every order
Without the burden of an ego to smother.

But I am not because now, we lock horns
Over the most trivial of issues even at morn
Leaving us both wishing and forlorn.

If I were still a boy,
Then I’d marry my class teacher,
So tall and graceful she is, like a cheetah
All day I watch her slender fingers work the chalk and duster
Only thinking of how nice it would be to slide a ring on that finger.
That it is rubber wouldn’t be a bother
Because I ‘love’ her and none else does matter.

But I am not because now, alas
That Miss Lizzy is a two decades older and wiser lass
And the teeth I always thought were made of glass
At the dentist’s, wouldn’t even get a pass.
Why, I saw her just yesterday in the park, atop the grass
Waved at me, she did while juggling the wailing little lass
‘My granddaughter’, she said with good-natured sass.

If I were still a boy,
I’d build my castle at the beach
Single-handedly up from a ditch.
Then with my entourage dressed in peach,
I’d go claim my bride, as beautiful as a witch.
We’d live happily ever after with the kids, after which
I’d just start over, no hitch.

But I am not because now, I know
That the fate of a man could be as sparkly as snow
And the next minute, a meal of woe.
A difficult task twas, we took on at Eden long ago.
With little tucks here and there though, I flow
And work for my gold because I know
That the path of shadows is never aglow.

It doesn’t seem to care, the storm.
It rather seems to delight in making me feel like a worm.
Behind the shut screen, I truly am warm
But the melancholy of my thoughts loud as a drum
Weave a chill through me so that again, I reach for the rum.
Not a boy anymore, I can’t seek warmth in mum
However, I do know how to keep warm.
The occasional rum and coffee, now lukewarm
And she who just drove in, my queen of the prom.

Maybe after my kisses must have melted her might,
I could wheedle out a promise to stay the night.
So thinking, off goes the light
While my lips draw back in a blinding white.

Nights like this, I’m glad I’m a man
Within reach of the valve of this flowing dam.
All I do now is sit like a cold ham
And sip my rum with a keen eye on the door jamb.

There she is…pretty beauty, in the hall light awash.
Quick as the last sip still trickling down my gut
All in me heats up like a savannah hut.

Coffee history, rum forgotten, I near my domain;
My gait, a stallion’s plus a toss of the rich mane…
‘Have you been drinking again?’
Was the first line of the refrain.


11 thoughts on “Boy 2 Man” by MCO II (@nitram27)

  1. “So tall and graceful she is, like a cheetah”

    Realistically though, how ‘tall’ is a cheetah?

    Really nice. Nostalgic.

    1. chai! i missed that one oh. what we do for rhymes…smh. Thanks Seun and you too, @chemokopi. But for Aunty Lizzy’s sake, let’s please pretend a cheetah is really REALLY tall, abi?

  2. I see, a lot of work went into this piece. Good job.

    1. it sure did. thanks.

  3. Nice. @Seun-Odukoya took the cheetah point out of my mouth. So here’s two people pointing that out.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

  4. I respect writers who take their time to give their best.
    Even if it isn’t perfect, you did real good.

    1. @kaycee, one day, i’m sure i’ll be able to put up better pieces in shorter lengths of time. with men like we have on this site, that day shouldn’t be too long away. thanks.

  5. I love the idea, theme and story behind the poem. Was easy to relate to it especially the teacher part.

    But the rhymes were too much for me though. I’m not a big fan of rhymes when they seem forced.

    I enjoyed it though. Nice one.

    1. thank you, Jay…I hope the rhyme-problem is a good type of problem, for me at least.

  6. Nice poem. I like the story behind it but the rhymes seem forced as Jay pointed out. still it’s a nice poem.

    1. i hear you @sylvia, as far as improving on the problems are concerned, your boy loyal ni

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