A Leader Like No Other

A Leader Like No Other

Nigeria, Nigeria, Giant of Africa!
Land of the rising sun
Home of our heroes past
that part of Africa
where the grass is evergreen
A modern day Canaan
Brimming with milk and honey
Independence wasn’t free though,
Our sweat blood and tears, it cost
A small fortune for this great treasure
Let’s talk about Zik as a leader
Have you heard his story?
Gather round let me share me little wisdom
Of a founding father like no other

Nigeria, Nigeria, good people great nation!
Beautiful dialects of distant relations
The white sands of the north
The rich red soil in the east
The ties that bind us, great leadership
I remember the land of my birth
Like it was yesterday in my head
Naija! the pride of Africa
Only Zik could tame her
A true son of the soil he was
Born in the north and raised in the east
Polished over the shores of our land
A rare gem that glistened in Ghana
A leader like no other indeed

Nigeria, Nigeria,  a country like no other!
Arise, fellow compatriots to the beating drum
The urgent call to serve our fatherland
Hold up your flag for the world to see
We are Zik’s sons and daughters
The heirs to the throne
We are the power, the voice and the future
Voices of freedom, we must be heard
Amid the uproar, the rancor, and debris
Together we stand, united by our dream-
A nation worth knowing, worth serving to build.
A leader like no other you were dear Zik
You may have passed but your legacy lives on.



7 thoughts on “A Leader Like No Other” by Naima (@naima)

  1. Well, it could have been a great poem, but i suspected that it would be the usual so i didnt.

  2. *sighs* It’s about that country they call Nigeria again?!

  3. Okay.

    How am I Zik’s son?


  4. Zik’s daughter… keep it up!

  5. @naima Zik was the only one who could “tame” Nigeria abi? Okay now.
    U told me more about Nigeria in GLITTERING and FLOWERY language than u did Zik tho….wah happened?
    Nice work tho, everything else aside.

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