29 questions I’ll ask myself at 29

29 questions I’ll ask myself at 29

 So what if in the world we live today,

Rags became the new riches?

And wealth was the badge of the poor?

Would you pray to ride a Range Rover?

Or would you hover above speeding vehicles;

On pedestrian bridges,

And  seek help from those poorer than you ?


What if grace was grass?

And it felt so much better chewing grass than riding on grace;

Would you take to the green fields and eat your fill?

Or would you work so hard?

Perspiring needlessly?

Aspiring for this nonsense called ‘greatness’?


What if joy was pain and pain was joy?

And Igbobi was a world where parties and pleasures never ceased;

With free drinks and gorgeous ladies at the bar?

And having your legs hung over your head;

Was the pose that got you accepted into social circles?

And wedding ceremonies were taken over by clamps and scalpels?

Presided over by surgeons and orthopaedists in the operating theatre?

Would you want to be here?

Or there?


So what if life was death and death was life?

And the abyss was somewhere beyond the skies?

And its emptiness and eeriness became bliss?

And life transformed into a living hell?

Would you still want to live?

Or die?


What if good was bad?

And our world spun in opposite direction?

And dusk signaled the dawn of a new day?

And fugly became the new slim and beautiful?

And you had that one chance to become someone else?

Would you still want to be you?

All over again?

36 thoughts on “29 questions I’ll ask myself at 29” by tosyn (@tosinosha)

  1. @tosinosha, this is dreamy poetry… nice construction though

    1. @Excellency: Yes,Your Excellency! Thanks

  2. I like the retrospection of this poem…

    But in some places the ‘what ifs’ are now actually happening – today many things that are bad are seen as good, suicides now happen a lot because people think there’s life in dying than living like the goons who think dying for 40 virgins by suicide bombing is the life….lol

    1. @Afronuts: You have a point. People are gullible enough to believe anything thrown at them these days. All you need do is spit it with conviction.

      By the way, I also think the globe is spinning in a different direction.

      Thanks for dropping.

      1. So true people are becoming too gullible and liberalism is gradually eating away at rational reasoning, like why should it be called normal for a woman to marry a dolphin, or a man marrying a man, a rational mind would know that he/she would never have even existed to express such crazy thoughts if he/her folks were so crazy…

        1. @Excellency: Very true. Our world has been damaged by liberalism and other concepts like it. Rights to freedom, …of expression, etc etc.

          1. It’s a pity really. With a piece like hopefully one head at least might be put right, keep at it. God help us…

  3. very interesting. I like :)

  4. Interesting.

    Food for thought.

    Keep at it. You’re brilliant. The sad part is you’re so lazy!

    Good one.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya: Thanks Boss! Will do the best I can to firm up. Ion enjoy being lazy myself.


    2. @Seun-Odukoya

      He’s what? What makes u come to that conclusion…abi theres something I don’t know?

      1. @Afronuts Afrokolo…

        There’s SO much you have no idea about.

        *Hint* Is your crazy ass on twitter?

        1. haa…whish kain…

          Yes I dey twitter.

      2. @Afronuts: Point is, @Seun-Odukoya thinks I’m the laziest writer he’s met. And you know, I think he’s got that point right.

        But you know one thing? I may not be as prolific as Lionel Messi, but darn! I score great goals too.

        1. @tosinosha

          You score great goals…cool
          With women or with poetry?

            1. @Afronuts: Women and poetry are two of a kind. Don’t you think?

              1. @tosinosha
                Stop dodging the question.
                Gimme an answer!

                1. @Afronuts: Dodging the question, you say?

                  Ok, for the sake of peace, I meant wo… errr… poetry, actually.

                  1. lol…so you score great goals with women…

                    Thanks for confessing!

                    1. @Afronuts: But I said poetry na. You trying to put words in me mouth?

                    2. @tosinosha

                      The first statement is always the truth!

  5. I like, even though d questions got my head reeling.

    And that about women and poetry being one of a kind…

    1. @Babyada: Did I mess with your head? Cos that was my primary objective. lol

      “And that about women and poetry being one of a kind…”

      Why is the statement to be continued now?

  6. What if like was dislike, and dislike…like? Would I not like? Nice 1 bro!

  7. @tosyn, the age angle didnt feature in the piece, why?but aside dat…it was a good write sha

    1. @raptureisforme: Cos it wasn’t even about the age in the first place. It’s more about that feeling people have at that time of their lives. The feeling of regret/dissatisfaction that sees people mulling over things they cannot help or change, and sometimes even lead them to wishing they were someone else.
      Haven’t you heard things like:

      Ha, I wish I listened when Dad told me this!

      Hey, I wish I took a different career path!

      Jeez, why do I have to grow bald now?

      OMG, My curves have been overtaken by flabs and I can’t help it!

      1. lol @OMG, My curves have been overtaken by flabs and I can’t help it! That’s typical…

        1. Yes o… Bottomline is: Asking to be someone else is like trying change the what we have come to accept as nature.

          I’ll never be better off being Dangote’s pikin than being who I am today.

          1. Aye, aye sire!

  8. Meaningless questions that would drive a body mad.
    Great work.

    1. @kaycee: Thank goodness it left you sane enough to drop a comment… You bet some others weren’t so lucky.

      Thanks for appreciating that insanity. Walahi, I owe you 4 that.

  9. Food for thought.

  10. @tosyn…that’s why we are human neways…our never-ending quest for meaningless nonsense. Those what-ifs are always there, no helping them.

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