2012 Association Of Nigerian Authors Prizes Shortlist

2012 Association Of Nigerian Authors Prizes Shortlist


1         ANA/Mazariyya Prize for Teen Authors (Poetry)

All titles disqualified because they do not meet requirements.


2    ANA/ NECO Prize for Teen Authors (Short Story)     

 (a)       Behind the Dust                                 by        Nuella Ononye 

(b)       Trap in the Jungle                              by        Chukwu Obelegu

 (c)       Kidnap                                                by        Gbemisola Adeya 

3  ANA Lantern Prize   

(a)        Nkechi the Heroine                       by        Camillus Chima       

(b)       The Genius                                      by        Vincent Uduh       

(c)        The Mad Boy                                   by        Spencer Okoroafor

4   ANA Prose Fiction Prize

(a)        A Time to Heal                                   by       Seye Oke

(b)      Beyond the Yard                                  by        Inyang E. Ekwo

(c)       Pride of the Spider Clan                 by        Odili Ujubuonu 


5   ANA/Chevron Prize for Environmental Issues: 

No entry merits shortlist in this category

6    ANA/Esiaba Irobi Prize for playwriting

(a) Children of the River                               by       Nnamdi Okose

(b) Teardrops of the Gods                               by        Karo Okokoh                 

7      ANA Prize for Drama

(a) Climate of Change                                   by        Elaigwu Ameh

(b) Hard Choice                                             by        Sunnie Ododo

(c) Tearsdrops of the Gods                          by        Karo Okokoh


8          ANA/Gabriel Okara Poetry Prize

(a) Pimples and Dimples                              by        Fidelis Okoro

(b) Songs of a Griot                                       by        Karo Okokoh       


9          ANA Poetry Prize

(a) Canvas                                                       by        Saddiq Dzukogi

(b) Go Tell the King                                       by        Betty Abah

(c) Inside my Head                                         by        Umari Ayim

3 thoughts on “2012 Association Of Nigerian Authors Prizes Shortlist” by Richard-Ali (@Richard-Ali)

  1. This is confusing. Are these the works that made the shortlist – or are they the ones that were disqualified?

    1. @seun-odukoya, ALL the entries for the ANA/Mazariyya Prize for Teen Authors (Poetry) were disqualified. Apparently the teenagers no sabi anything!
      Only God knows what the judges went through from the entries.

  2. No need to blame the teenagers. We need good creative writing teachers and exercises to stimulate the kind of creativity that merits awards. Where were these prizes when I was a teenager?

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