Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart


There are worlds in this world

We live in a binary world

So close; yet so far

Separated by an un-sailable

Stretch of shore


World of unfettered feet

Flipping at feverish pace

That of shackled shanks

And manacled ankles

Bawling for a bare budge


We are denizens of a dichotomized world:

Some on the onshore of wealth

Travel in posh and elegant cars

Sleep in swanky shelters


Others on the offshore of poverty

Drowning and gasping for life

They trudge on sun-scorched soles

Sleep in snatches on make-shift beds

In sultry and sordid shanties


We maintain a Manichean world

Paradise-parsed hell

Blazing with glory

Halcyon hours

Smouldering in hellish towers

Evil rivaling good


The world is some people’s oyster-

Bounty bloom of boon

At their beck and call

They boisterously beam shimmering smiles

Prancing over plump and chubby cheeks


The world is clam-closed to others

A woeful world with wonky ways

They rage and wage war at wants

They shed stream of lava-tears

Sailing from sunken sockets


It’s   worlds apart

Worlds of mirth and misery

Pantry of plenteous peas

Pitched against lean larders

Groaning for grains

Barns brimful with beans

Beside sulky and disgruntled silos

Shorn of seeds



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  1. Different strokes… well told!

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