What Brings us to NS?

What Brings us to NS?

What brings our feet to NS?
A chance to flaunt new clothes
Dance kukere and fluid azonto
In the arena to thrill and awe
The eager crowd reading our steps
Such that no boos be heard?

What brings our hands to NS?
A test of our pen’s stamina
At best to fall other wrestlers
Then strap some phantom belt
“The One”, “The Only”, “The Best”
Showed round to clapping spectators?

What brings our mouths to NS?
Plaudits for the one who knows
Torment to she that thinks she knows
Wisdom for he that doesn’t know
Or speech practice…you say no–you know?

What brings our eyes to NS?
To sit and watch each native stand
On the village square’s sacred sands
Hear them speak their words of kola
So to tell which be wise and which be folly?

What brings us to NS?
What do we seek on the stage and steps
Of this amazing theatre-in-the-web?

*Inspired by a comment

156 thoughts on “What Brings us to NS?” by chemokopi (@chemokopi)

  1. Subs, subs and more subs.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting @vescucci

  2. Nice one.

    Have been pondering in recent times about the ‘realness’ of virtual relationships and the ‘virtualness’ of (our so-called) real relationships. Clearly not what you intended but arts is ‘interpretative’ and our minds have a way of lending us an interpretation.

    Enjoyed reading, as always.

    1. @jaywriter, you think of that too! Its something I have been considering for quite some time now. Some of my best friends, I have never met before; when you reflect on some of your so called friends around you, you can’t help but wonder how the physicality of such friendships surpasses those happening on screens, texts and calls.

      And of course, it gladdens my heart you found another perspective from which to appreciate the poem. Most artists like that. Thanks for reading and enjoying!

    2. Nice one @chemokopi!
      @Jaywriter, I have virtual friends too but I don’t think it’s the same as real friends. I remember that quote from a stand up comic “real friends are not people who help you move, real friends are people who help you move a body…” :-) Virtual friends can be attracted to each other by something they have in common, like writing or movies ;-) but I think real friends are people who have seen you in your good times and bad times and still care enough to stick by you. Virtual friends don’t see the whole spectrum of who you are, therefore I don’t believe they are real friends in that sense. I am not an easy person to be with and that doesn’t come through online, or does it? :-)
      @kaycee, I think this site is one of a kind because of the eclecticism of its members.I have not yet found another site like it. There are some flaws maybe, who doesn’t have any but I think that @admin tries to respond to queries.I always believe that there is room for compromising but maybe it is because I am older than most of you. This site is where I want to come and read when I have a chance and I do check it every day.I don’t always write comments because I don’t always have something to say that’s witty or interesting or that could help the write, and also because I am usually really busy.I can’t think of another place to put my writings that I would like as much.I have learn a lot on this site and I will hopefully keep learning.For you who are fond of cliches I would say “don’t throw the baby with the bath water!”… :-)
      Take care everybody and may ink flow to your pen.

      1. @jefsaraurmax
        This your comment is so very matured and proper and reasonable. All the things that i hate.
        I am always specially glad to have you here.

      2. Hmmm…very interesting perspective @Jefsaraurmax and thanks for reading and commenting. What if we look at it from yet another perspective. What really is friendship? I think the mind is the most important thing on earth and it is what controls the five senses we use to perceive our world and all that is in it. You hear people say when a man is blind, his ears become trained to listen more and hear more clearly, his hands become more sensitive in their touch. When a man is deaf and dumb his eyes become even more expressive. Some blind people are very happy people with normal lives even though they can’t see this beautiful world around us. Beethoven wrote the best music when he was ‘virtually’ deaf. What am I trying to say? It just might be that what makes virtual relationships seem more real and important to some people than those in the physical world, is just this: The minds of both parties are much more actively involved in the former than the latter, and train one or two of the five senses (usually the tongue and ears) to perceive even the smallest details of occurring in the friendship. This ends up enriching, sometimes, the virtual relationship far more than some real ones where all five senses and the mind are probably working at low capacity.

        1. @chemokopi, I understand your point but this kind of friendship is not real unless you disclose everything about yourself.It’s the same difference than dating and be married. When you date, the person only sees you when you are dressed up and your hair is done (for the girls) and when you are in good mood because you don’t see each other every day.When you are married, your spouse will see you in your good mood or when you had a horrible day and everything seems to fall apart.They will see you when you’re happy and when you’re not, when you are fair and when you make wrong decisions. That is what true friendship is about.It is to recognize that we are not perfect and we make mistakes and we have bad days but we care about each other and we know that each of us is a work in progress.You can not truly be friend with someone unless you have at least fought once and made up for the sake of friendship.

          1. @jefsaraurmax: I think I better appreciate where you are coming from: Imperfection, which is the perpetuating condition of the human spirit and what makes us human, doesn’t pass freely through the technological veil of the virtual.
            Your point is noted.

        2. @jefsaraurmax how do YOU KNOW that u r OLDER than MOST of us?????????
          OMG! Did you just write that?

          1. @shaifamily, just call me aunty…. :-) I know because a lot of people on this site are under 30. I only mentioned that I am probably older to justify my thinking. When you are older, you see things in a different perspective.At least I have seen this change in my personality.When I was in my twenties, I used to want to be right all the time and I was very black and white in my arguments.Now I can see the shades of grey and I care about the big picture, not just my point of view.I love to solve problems and my ego doesn’t seem so important anymore as long as there is progress solving the issue at hand. The reason is that I have a husband and 4 children now and I am not the center of my universe anymore.I am not saying that everyone has the same journey but I noticed around me that it is true for some people.

            1. @jefsaraurmax u know this because u registered these “people” at birth? Sometimes, I wonder why people arrogate certain things or powers to themselves.

              Will leave it at that.

              As for calling u aunty….think again.

              1. @shaifamily, I was just joking.You are right, I don’t know the age of anybody, I was just guessing.Anyway, does this really matter?I wasn’t passing any judgment, I was only making a comment.Don’t get upset for things like this.Life is too short.I am going to a coworker’s funeral on Sunday.She got sick and two months after she died. Enjoy every moment of your life and don’t sweat the small stuff.Take care.

                1. See what I mean @jefsaraurmax? Now I demand a memoir or memoir-style writing! Lol. But seriously I really do.

                  1. @chemokopi, I really appreciate the credit you are giving me but my life is not that interesting. I did write something when my father died but it’s in French so I will have to translate it.I will try to do it this week end if I have time between the homework with the kids and my chores. :-)Take care.

                    1. Thanks @Jefsaraurmax, for taking up the offer. Please do notify me when it is published. can’t wait *giggling like a child*

                      …and sorry for your loss.

            2. @jefsaraurmax: Have you ever written a memoir here on NS? Honestly your life seems interesting, or maybe it’s the beautiful way you write about it that draws me to want to know more. Please give me a link to any here, or write one so I read. Or you can just write about some real life experiences, or issues that you are concerned about. I will love to read a memoir style writing from you.

  3. Give it up for Chemokopi, welldone

    1. @ifiokobong: *bows* Thanks Melody. You are far too kind!

  4. The love of the art is the first reason.
    But one gets constantly heart broken. A load of nonsense is what we see here these days. Gone are the days NS was the first site we log on to each morning. Gone are the days where we read posts that leave us with goose bumps. Gone are the days we read a post and wonder when we will write as good. A time was when we are graced with the presence of established writers.
    A time was when @admin rejects posts based on quality. To get your post selected as Editors pick meant something. Now everybody gets selected. There was a time seeing your post up here meant you are a good writer. Now, nonsense and mediocrity is what we see. In those times comments were honest, comments were appreciated. In those days admin brings one or two reputable authors to chat with Ns members. In those days we were a family.
    In those days @admin existed for members and their writing. @admin wanted, really wanted to do something great for Nigerian young writers. Now @admin has become business oriented. Naijastories began as non profit, now, it is all about the dollar and the adverts, and google ratings. And so the good guys left and mediocrity set in, and found a home. But @admin sees “36 people registered last week” and so all is well. The site is growing, and excellence is dying. It is actually painful, especially for us that were here when things were good. @ohmston, @wetin be there names again, and all the guys that joined this year, You guys missed.
    I am here hoping some one will join me to exhume our glory, what happened to Nigeria shouldnt happen to NS. For those who love the art.

    1. @kaycee spoken from the heart…hope ur heart ain’t bleeding?????????

      1. Hehehehe…@shaifamily. @kaycee is a strong man.

    2. @kaycee, I think that Naija Stories is at least as good as it’s ever been.

      But if you don’t like what you see on Naija Stories, don’t just complain – be the change you wish to see.

      Encourage people who you feel write well on Naija Stories to continue writing by commending their writing.

      Invite other good writers to Naija Stories to contribute their own stories.

      But even with this, be aware that your vision for Naija Stories is not necessarily the admin’s vision, so there will always be a risk of being disappointed.

      1. @TolaO I beg to disagree….and @kaycee has mentioned some very important points. I will only hope @Admin will take these things on-board. Many times, I get this feel that @Admin does not f**cking care wah writers here feel.

        Pointed question, @TolaO r u @Admin??? Answer if you will, here or as a PM.

        Thank you.

        1. LOOL
          @TolaO better not answer o.
          Dont demystify your self and @admin‘s Big Brother all seeing, all knowing status.

          Besides if some people attach a face to @admin…the face might get waylaid someday…

          1. Hahahaha

            Na god just save you @TolaO
            I was already googling you family house and bedroom, so that we can reason together in presence of my machete.

            1. hahahaha…@kaycee! You no go kill me!

    3. Ha! @kaycee, thanks for your wholehearted and sincere comments. Its nice to know the poem brought that out of you.

    4. I laugh as I read some of the comments on here. I agree with @kaycee WORD FOR WORD.

      Sue me.

      While I agree with @TolaO saying “But even with this, be aware that your vision for Naija Stories is not necessarily the admin’s vision, so there will always be a risk of being disappointed” …it must be noted that we; or at least I joined NS a while back – and whether Kaycee’s vision is the same with admin’s; it’s pretty obvious that admin’s vision is not what it used to be.

      Let me point out the most poignant of all the changes I’ve seen.

      I was sent a link by a friend (who does NOT come here anymore either) to send in a story – uploaded as a draft to be exact. And if the story did not meet required standards – you got dropped. When I got picked, I was so excited. And the rest, as they say, is history.

      Look – I’m a living breathing testament to the growth and ‘growth’ of NS. Check out my posts. Check them through and through; read them linearly (from first to ‘last’) and then tell me there has not been great improvements.

      I used to come on here to learn. I would read posts and be like ‘should I not jejely retire my pen? When will I ever write like this?’ and so on. But now honestly, I don’t want to be a ‘local champion’. No offense to anyone.

      Why do I come here these days? Hopefully, to share what others have been kind enough to share with me – and then hopefully inspire some to be better. After all, there’s a whole literary world out there. A world NS is a part of.

      So, I also agree with @shaifamily; there’s really no point. NS has its course pretty much set out for it; and even if/though it looks like ‘quantity over quality’ to a dissenting few – to each his own.

      I, for one would continue to do what I can – to contribute in any way I can. God help me.

      1. Gbam, Elder Musketeer. You make sense on that Local champion thing.
        I am a very mumu writer, but the quality of comments on NS has so degenerated that my posts are hailed as excellent. Because we lack the old wonderful authors who know better and can say better.
        Me i want to be a good writer noni,but it seems i have grown above the present writers on NS.
        Where did masters like @ikhide and Mazi Nwonwu, and all the other established writers go? and why did they go?
        Now @admin, no vex say we dey on your case this morning, you dey try. You started a wonderful project, other sites are cropping up and mirroring you, and learning from your mistakes. DO NOT LET THESE NEW SITES OVER SHADOW YOU. Get back to quality. Remain the pioneer, the pace setter. And we will be behind you all the way.

        1. *claps* @kaycee the Elder Statesman. You have spoken well. @seun-odukoya too. But I think we should try to read between the lines in what @admin said…

          Methinks this discourse has been over-discussed. I miss the old NS too but I feel we can make the new one as glamorous as the former. How? Let’s refuse to gloss over any poor stuff. We are all here to learn, yes, but the truth is some here know more than others. Whatever your area(s) of competence, exert influence, help someone get better and forget it. Yes, forget it.

          As to the Editor’s Picks issue, @kaycee has a very good point. Sometimes I just feel like crying when I see some posts on the list. For Chrissakes that list is supposed to showcase the best of the best on here! It’s where a first-timer would naturally wanna begin from. It should be a compilation of the finest stories -not writers- at all times!

          *sighs* I tire abeg.

          1. wait, @banky. Shey @admin would be hiring editors. We will know who to blame when mediocre posts get selected as Editors pick

          2. Gbam! @banky. Nice expose! That is how it should be. That is the part the community can play. What some of us have ssen as our way to contribute to the growth of others.

      2. @Seun-Odukoya: Nice one brother. To be frank I wrote this poem because I spoke my mind about the quality of a respected person’s work and the person snapped. And that brought a lot of questions to my mind. If you have noticed I try to take my time to comment on people’s works because I feel that if I do, the person and I both learn. I try to be objective; if 20 people like your work and I don’t I will tell you so and why…and vice versa. But it looks like I have to retire from giving advice and just ‘siddon, read, talk welldone, commot’.

        Again, thanks for reading and commenting.

        1. @chemokopi, dont do ‘welldone’ kinda comments abeg. FINISH ANYONE! Whoever cannot take a truthful admonition should just go and, well, commit suicide! I love people who tell me the truth. When I wrote A Greater Testimony, I didnt like it so much myself but when I hung out with my egbons, @shaifamily, @kaycee and @seun-odukoya, I just casually mentioned it and they said I should post it so someone else could learn from it. And I did. And @seun-odukoya did ‘finish’ it, pointed out the errors and some others said theirs. And I learned. And beyond my expectations, I have a better idea how to take the story, if I decide to. Isn’t that the way it should be?

          NS is for us (though I am not so sure any longer) and we should try to give it our best shot. I left for a while, came back cos of @sibbylwhyte‘s plea and @kaycee‘s return. Now, Sibbyl hasn’t been on here for a while -she’s busy, I guess- but the friendship that has been fostered via this platform has become so priceless.

          Do your bit. And forget it. Simple.

          Good work bro.

          1. @banky: Thanks man. Your words are powerful and I will heed them. NS has done so much for me as a writer and I want people (as well as I) to have the opportunity to perfect their ‘azonto’ and ‘kukere’ in this ‘amazing theatre-in-the-web’ even as we all take turns to discern each man’s ‘words of kola’ and feed him the truth without the injurious pill of discouragement.

          2. @banky
            Dont use the opportunity to be toasting @sibbylwhyte
            what has the pricelessness of your union with her got to do with this poem.
            abi u forget say na poem @chemokopi write?

            Chemokopi, how is @queennobo?

            1. @kaycee, go and sleep. Your insomnia don become something else.

            2. *straight face* I don’t know what you are talking about @kaycee

              1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….Ah, NSSSS!!!

        2. @chemokopi and that is the dreaded “siddon lookism” ah!

          1. @shaifamily: You wey know? It would not help us at all. The quality of comments are as much important as the quality of works. Funny enough, in some ways, ‘speech practice’ applies, if you do it well. Who says, articulating your comments in response to a work doesn’t help you grow as a writer?

            1. @chemokopi I do not know any fin o! Plus, that was actually borrowing @kaycee coinage earlier.

              Chai convo for here don full!!!

  5. @chemokopi I will avoid speaking with the same fervor as @kaycee.

    Let me dive into something I saw….

    ” At best to fall other wrestlers
    Then strap some phantom belt”

    Is dt ” fall” not better as “Our desire to fell” – or something with fell rather than fall.

    “Or speech practice…you say no–you know?” – something missing?

    1. A man is known for speaking his heart. Straight, no politicking.
      @shaifamily what did you do with your liver?
      So you are just lips? What happened to the views you shared with @banky, and @seun-odukoya in that sinful bar we were at.

      1. @kaycee, let me know of this sinful bar that has probably become another village square, this one that I am seeing mighty men as members of the bar…hehehe.

        1. @chemokopi there av been many “sinful bars”….and elsewhere. Anyways, @kaycee the point is that I don’t see @Admin as listening to wah u, or whoever is saying (I fink I mentioned that earlier before I saw this)….so, I ask myself…wah is the point? Now, I am sure u don’t need to harp on how many people u va brought on NS or I same (why it’ll be mentioned as a response to ur comment I do not understand- there re some of us so passionate abt this place we have brought on new members directly and indirectly in scores).

          Abt encouraging people…basically, people will be encouraged in a variety of ways and the majority of that job falls with the site Admin….why shift that on a member? It is the Admin’s job to make the site “interesting” and “exciting” enuf for people who come on there…not kaycee or anyone else’s job. All we can do is aid that noble cause.

          I av not seen a lot of people that encouraged me when I first came on here for a loooooong time, particularly Irene-Bako….she, literally gave me life here with her comments.

          For a while, @xikay was out too….

          @adaobiokwy was out too…

          fortunately, these guys are back…why, cos some of us talked them back.

          But, you get tired of saying the same ol’ same every freaking TIME.

          Me, I get tired.

          Don’t get me started ooooo.

          1. Lol
            @shaifamily, indeed, did @admin imagine they brought all these writers here?
            If i count the people that i personally dragged in here, or do i talk about my fan base? People call me up to tell me head swelling things about why they only log in to read either my posts or comment. Heck…lets not even go there o. A lot of guys have done more than i or the musketeers.

            See, i am in a good mood today o, make anybody no trample on my rights to complain and my God giving rights to be a nuisance and… and…

            @admin, make the money, but remember what brings the money and respect them.
            we are because you are, and because you are, therefore we are.
            Where is @ostar seff? Hope he hasn’t died.

            1. @kaycee hahaha…u r a clown and a buffoon!!! Shey na d same thing d two mean, abi?

            2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ahn! @kaycee! Walahi, I have never met a ‘madder’ person all my 14 years on earth (yes, I am 14 years old, kill yourself!)

              Why must you think @ostar has died? Why not…er…er…kidnapped?! hahahahahahaha

              1. @banky u sef don dey kolo!!! U know wah pained me most?!!!

                @kaycee started something, or rather an incident occured that started something that could av revolutionized everything here… but, I was surprised at the roundabout turn.

                Come and explain urself….@kaycee

                1. @shaifamily, what are you talking about? Remind me.

                  1. Why won’t u forget sleeping with ur father….

                    1. Oh, Sex With My father!
                      For those who missed it before @admin took it off, go to my blog. or Ynaija, or, Omojuwa.com, Or cruise Nigeria, or ekekeee.com, or zebbook.com…
                      and all the other newbies..
                      In fact just google Sex with My father, you go see am plenty.

      2. @kaycee nufin is wrong wif mai liver. I just find it makes little or no difference venting my spleen at “people” who won’t listen. I fink I av been proved right more than once. I will leave you that av got the energy to keep doing it…and giving u the occasional pep-talk to keep u going. Hahahaaha…

      3. @kaycee, what sinful bar? Are you sure of your comments bro? Please, dont spoil my very good name o! Bar bawo? mtcheeeeww! Do I even know you? heheehehehehehehehe

        Na you go know bar wey sinful, na you go know one wey holy, crazy man. You better rededicate your life to a good cause; whatever that means to you!

        @shaifamily, you were at a sinful bar too?! Jeeez! And @seun-odukoya too?! Ah! *sign of the cross*

        1. @banky God will not punish u for that fat lie!!! Amen.

          Case closed.

          1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @shaifamily, o ti binu? heheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. @shaifamily: Ah, noble poet you caught me. Thanks man. It should be ‘fell’ not ‘fall’ as you suggested. And the good thing is it would have given me some sweet internal rhymes.

      For the other observation, yes there is something missing, something the narrator couldn’t add because some of his listeners cut him short claiming they know and that his assumptions in the stanza were wrong hence the interruption with “…you say no–you know?”

      Thanks for reading and commenting man.

      1. @chemokopi OK. I see wah u mean and tried to do with the second observation. Cool.

        That is why we r here, man! And good to av u back wif this….It was d premise of a discourse I had wif a coupla NS guys some weeks back.

        1. Thanks @shaifamily. Like I will always say: There is no end to learning.

  6. To each man, his own. Let he who wishes for change be the change he/she seeks. Great poem.

    1. @ohmston, @TolaO
      “Let he who wishes for change be the change he/she seeks”
      that is the new mantra for indolence. A classic one liner supporting “sitdown-lookism”
      No wahala.

      1. hahaha….again, u surpass urself @kaycee

    2. @ohmston: Thanks noble poet.

  7. @kaycee, @banky, @seun-odukoya and @shaifamily. We for go open new thread instead of going ballistic on poor @chemokobi’s poem.

    Since I’m a relatively new member, I don’t know about the awesome established writers that have left. But one thing I can identify with is the Editor’s picks thing. It seems like a morale booster and once you have your post there you feel like writing more. This is not right. A writer rests on his laurels this way. Honestly I came here to get my writing critiqued…..brutally. That’s why I instantly liked @Seun-Odukoya. I went through his comments and I see he’s actually trying to make people better. He seems able to gauge the writer’s ability. For instance, if writing A is better than writing B but he feels writing A can be so much better, he criticizes writing A more harshly. If he sees a writer that is clearly just starting out, he encourages them and doesn’t bring out the guns. Plus he says what he likes, he gets technical etc.

    This is what I wanna see oh. A healthy mix of veteran, gifted, rookie, rubbish (so you can appreciate the good stuff) writers. It won’t hurt if we get actual editors here. I can talk and talk too.

    1. @vescucci: Nice one. And you can start with brutally critiquing this poem. Its what most of us want: TRUTH. If our work is nice say so, if it is rubbish say so. That is what helps. TRUTH. Not praise, not condemnation. But TRUTH, whether it comes riding on praise or condemnation.

    2. @vescucci

      I’m sincerely honored and flattered. It’s a privilege…thank you. We’re all here to learn, so…

      About opening a thread, I disagree. Let’s see if we can make Chemical writer of the month joo! It’s about time!!

      1. @Seun-Odukoya Oh dear! I av to go and copy and paste ur handle every-freaking-time… I am 1000% behind u. And why d heck has he not been WOM before??? Why? Was surprised even @banky only became WOM a coupla months ago….

        1. Abeg, I don tire to dey see my face for NS Homepage. I know I fine small (@kaycee, no talk, abeg) but WOM haff do! @admin, oya, replace me. NOW.

        2. Hehehe…@seun-odukoya, @shaifamily…Thanks for the faith guys. I am much humbled.

    3. @vescucci hahaha…sorry abt that. That boy @kaycee got us all going. When he does that ehnnnnnnn…..

      1. @vescucci, i dont like you, but if you are female, that can change instanta.
        You make some sense some times….
        i have forgotten what i was going to type…

        any way, @chemokopi, dont be under the illusion that your poem was superb and therefore merits all these comments. it just happens that we were in the mood to speak up and have a general hullabaloo, and say the truth and nothing but, God helping us, and to disturb sleepy@admin.
        Now, this is what you should do: give these elder statesmen…500 points each. They have decided, out of the belligerence and benevolence of their souls – and because @admin has been struck with paralysis and helplessness on the matter, which is as a result of the lack of suitable candidate for that position on this here site- they have decided to make you Writer of the month. You can give @vescucci, say, 20 points, he is a newcomer but his liver is in the right place.

        1. @kaycee…!!!

          Musketeer for life o. On some serious shit!

        2. @kaycee…!!!

          Musketeer for life o. On some serious shit!

          But his poem is the spark that started all this; so he deserves babanla merit.

          1. LWKMD! Which one be babanla merit again @Seun-Odukoya?

        3. @kaycee: hehehe…the kind of TRUTH desired. I don’t think I am under that illusion cos in the first place the discussion is not on the poem but the indirect message of the poem as understood by each one..lol.

    4. Yes, that reminds me sef. @Seun-Odukoya, we haven’t read from you in a while on NS. Would you be gracious enough to post something soon?

      1. @banky

        Honestly, I’m flattered that you asked. Not to disrespect you or anything, but what would the point be?

        And no. This is not arrogance. This is me seriously asking a question I have no answer to.

        1. Ok. You know we are in the same business, so I will give you a point; just one point.

          1. Mr @Seun-Odukoya, you have proven over time that you are someone who desires change on the site and wants others to learn from him. In that light, your loyal majesty, I believe the easiest way to achieve both is to post a coupla brilliant stories and let us ‘wolves’ devour them. Critiquing is not enough, on this site, at least; showing how-to is the best.

          You mentioned people whose pieces you read and inspired you to get better; if those people hadn’t posted, what would have become of your writing? Likewise, if you do not post stuff, where would people now in the shoes you left get their inspiration from?

          Bros, like we used to say way back, with this point of mine, I hope I have been able to convince not confuse (ah! we don fuck-up teytey o!) you of the immediate need to post something on NS.

          Thank you sir. So when should we expect it?


          1. @banky and @chemokopi

            This is the kind of stuff that encourages people like me to commit suicide. Haba.

            What am I to do now? What if I submit something that falls flat on it’s face? What if it is crap in the ‘crap’ sense of it?

            Anyways…I cannot refuse the two of you guys. Not together.

            Sigh. Okay. I will post something against next week.


            And thank you so much for the privilege. Thank you.
            It’s a honor.

            1. Let it fall first! @seun-odukoya, that’s ‘What brings us to NS’.

          2. But then @banky, there is the danger that some person might read @seun-odukoya‘s post and say, “this one didnt do it for me”,
            or some female chicken will say, “”nice, but can be better”, or just”hmmn”.

            One day these sort of comments will make somebody learn bad habits like suicide.

            1. @kaycee, whatever! Let anyone say whatever. Is there a perfect story? Hell, No!

              1. @banky


                I still learn – what I do is I sieve comments. Valid ones I take wholeheartedly, the obvious ‘crap’ I treat as that.

                @kaycee…you’re correct but what to do? Take the good with the not-so-good.

          3. Nice one @Banky. Nice one. For me sha. Let us, in addition to that, keep seeing @Seun-Odukoya‘s comments. Imagine NS without @Seun-Odukoya‘s or @TolaO‘s or @sibbylwhyte or @babyada‘s consistently commenting. I remember the Seun-Odukoya drought of over a month. Twasn’t nice. At all.

            1. oops. pardon the inconsistencies…wasn’t thinking straight.

            2. Guys…while I appreciate the compliments and such, let’s not make this about me.

              One tree cannot make a forest. Even as much as I complain about the quality of NS dropping, it’s actually what makes someone like me have any significance. I cannot come here and be commenting on no posts now can I?

              EVERYONE on this site is significant in a huge way. I think the bottom line for all of us to take away from this is that there’s no end to learning, and that all the limbs work together to make the body function right. So while we’re knocking the quality of posts dropping and picking on @admin or @admins to step shit up, we should also not forget to advice ourselves to give as we have been given; WITHOUT RESERVATION.

              I still am; and forever will be grateful to Myne Whitman and the special woman who gave me the link to here and all the wonderful writers who allowed me light my candle at theirs.
              And of course – all the people who read and gain and learn from my stories and comments. I’m scamming all of you ni o. I can’t write for shit.

              Hehehehehehe. I’m grateful.

              1. “I’m scamming all of you ni o. I can’t write for shit.”…hehehe We know na. We know.

            3. Thanks for the mention @chemokopi. I broke my connection with NS when their server became consistently bad. By the time it was restored to good, I’d missed so many stories so I could no longer re-establish the connection since I loved commenting on ALL stories. Then slowly, the time I used to dedicate here was taken up by something else. My only beef with NS now is their server. Apart from that, I think we should stop whining about poor quality of posts. The old ones still around should be bosses now and should therefore coach the newbies. If God does it for us, we’ll also leave behind, like the experts before us, experts too who’ll move on with the work being done here while refering to us from time to time with sweet wishes.

              Thank you.

              1. @babyada, nice one. I agree very much with your perspective. All it takes for the experts to come back and for the all of us here to become even more motivated, might just be an NS renaissance. Let’s write better and let’s comment better. And for those writing poetry, remember that poetry is a finer art that more thought and imagination should go into. Thanks for commenting. See you around!

        2. Word. And so you know @seun-odukoya, it wasn’t your brilliant works that first made me respect you: It was your comments. The measured pace and the truth of them. And when I first wanted to read your work, I was like ok, let me see what this guy can do…and I was impressed. It was a poem I remember, and you mentioned Britney Spears. As for comments, I only sought to build on your strength and others by being much more detailed in my analysis of posts. You do a good job on NS and you should know that.

          Same with at @kaycee. When I read RAMBLINGS. I knew any sin of bad mouth he commits on NS can be forgiven. Not to talk of the latest about Chinua’s book which was a complete masterpiece. For brilliant writing covereth a multitude of sins.

          1. I am a sinner?

            1. You no know? hehehe…

        3. #Gbam @@Seun-Odukoya @banky @kaycee see why it is so much fun hanging around u guys??? Small boy like me….

          1. Dont worry
            You will grow.

            1. @kaycee, no let @shaifamily deceive you o. Where e wan put Kish? small boy indeed!

  8. Well, what I miss most about the old NS will probably be the good classic ladies.

    The ones that left.
    The ones that got married
    The ones that had children
    The ones that got serious
    The ones that retired (from writing)

    I guess I’m the only one who misses that.

    1. @jaywriter: hahahaha…abeg give us a fine poem about this “misses of the missuses” joor…hehehe

      1. @jaywriter make sure @kaycee does not help u finish ds poem u started…..

        1. hahahaha….@shaifamily, what’s your drift?

  9. @shaifamily Kaycee can help finish it oh. I have had issues with writing for a while now. No more muses.

    @chemokpi No muses again oh.

    1. @jaywriter u want him to finish it and say one of ’em “d…”? U know how he says these things now.

    2. Abeg o @jaywriter, don’t wait for the muse. In fact read this work of mine. I think your muse will come find you again or you will marry another better muse. http://www.naijastories.com/2012/03/on-the-expectations-and-conduct-of-a-writer/

  10. @banky, loooooool. It runs in the family. My dad would have questioned his involvement in the shag that brought about me if I wasn’t a woman ‘rapper’.

    1. Now some people are saying their fathers are wrappers.
      Youth of today!

  11. @shaifamily I love the way he says things na. Who doesn’t around here?

  12. Lol at y’all. I truly believe we can make a difference. I feel it in my gut. I am acquainted with @Myne from nairaland. I came here and joined and didn’t know this was her site till perhaps a fortnight ago. You have to applaud her that we have something we’re (well you fellas) fighting to resurrect. If this is a shadow of the site’s former glory, I would like to see it restored, definitely.

    You’re welcome @seun-odukoya. This your handle is not friendly

    @kaycee, once I graduate from runt on this site, I will become public enemy number two. Maybe dethrone you while I’m at it.

    1. @kaycee, this @vescucci even talk am for your front say him get ‘gut’ and wants to ‘dethrone’ you! But wait first, your craziness don enthrone you as king someplace? *smh.

      In @vescucci, I see something… @shaifamily, @seun-odukoya, shouldn’t we ‘meet’ before the Meet?

      1. @banky it is under arrangement (even before u talk) *winks*

        1. ok. @shaifamily, make e be date wey friendly o! And if @chemokopi is in Lagos and doesn’t mind ‘shining on’ or interacting at the ‘table of men’, we should invite him too!

          1. Imagine two kaycees on this site! @vescucci abeg do quick join the race joor…hehehehe. I laugh like Obj.

    2. @vescucci, there are no thrones no kings, no pedestals.
      There were those that tried to make themselves enemy enemy of me, and the truth. They are no more, but i am still here. A lot underwent surgery and changed their hearts to friendlier dispositions after being faced with imminent threat of cremation. talk to lactoo, @loiuis, he is alive, the others are dead.

      But seriously, do not deliberately seek enmity by your comments. be truthful and honest and helpful. We are all here for a reason. And i must tell you, it is so much fun to be friends with this great body of writers. the men here are wonderful writers and the ladies are…helpful *wink*

      1. Ha! I was just kidding oh. I don’t even know how to make enemies. It’s true. The ladies are like dinosaurs here. Where did they go to?

  13. Na wa o.
    Nice poem Chemo, I av similar tots when I read some people’s reactions to comments on their posts. Guess we r all here for diverse reasons – some are here to learn and some are here to flaunt their skills.
    @kaycee‘s description of d old NS makes me wish I was here then. Oh well, things can b better than they were. A lot of it lies in Admin’s hands while some in d hands of we the members.

    1. Excellent @shadiat. Nicely summed up. And thanks for reading and commenting. You are far too kind!

  14. @banky


    I still learn – what I do is I sieve comments. Valid ones I take wholeheartedly, the obvious ‘crap’ I treat as that.

    @kaycee…you’re correct but what to do? Take the good with the not-so-good.”

    Had to take this away from there to comment. I would really like to know what kind of comments you consider ‘crap’ @seun-odukoya. Be frank. Let’s all learn. (In fact, I want to hear your views: @kaycee, @banky, @shaifamily, @jaywriter, @TolaO, @vescucci and @ohmston) . And I do want to know because I feel that understanding the philosophy of comments, understanding the limits of freedom to comment as you feel like, and understanding how best to react to comments, is a very important part of our growth and maturity as writers. For even the greatest of writers and leaders would be criticized and corrected…by even adolescents who are still struggling to read and write, especially in this information age.

    And I will start: What I consider as ‘crap’ comment, is any that attacks me instead of my work. Or that praises or condemns my work without telling me why. Or that doesn’t allow for a reply to my reply because there was no case in the first place.

    1. @chemokopi

      “What I consider as ‘crap’ comment, is any that attacks me instead of my work. Or that praises or condemns my work without telling me why. Or that doesn’t allow for a reply to my reply because there was no case in the first place”

      That answers the question as far as I’m concerned.

      I once commented on some guy’s work – and he came back to say he had noticed from the way I comment that I consider myself superior to everyone; that I insult and demean people in the name of critiquing their work – or words to that effect. At some point, the dude was actually insulting me. It was so funny…

      I think even admin had to jump in to clarify stuff. I mean, if you don’t want people to speak on your stuff – close comments. It’s that simple.

      That’s it for me man.

      1. Hehehe…at admin jumping in to clarify. Really funny. Well, I guess we are on the same page then @Seun-Odukoya. I do hope we all become more receptive and tolerant of comments.

  15. Humbling convo
    I daresay I am amongst the ‘crap’ here to learn…

    “Wisdom for he that doesn’t know”
    @chemokopi wonderful piece sir.

    One day I will be of immense value to NS, surely,
    but for today, u guys tht r of immeasurable value n impact…@chemokopi, @kaycee, @banky, @seun-odukoya, @TolaO, @jaywriter n d rest of u…don’t relent in all u do in and for NS…pls

    Ur humble NS student

    1. Ass kissing will get you no where.

    2. @sleeickstories: hehehe…thanks a lot man. You are far too kind! I will only say everyone here should keep improving their art and never stop learning.

  16. Oh dear!!!

    Wipes brow with soaked ‘ kerchief.


    1. @shaifamily: hahaha…you haf tyre?

  17. About the poem, love the imagery. And the pictures my brain’s come up with, is absolutely hilarious. What brings us to NS? Well, for me, it is to get better at this ‘thing’ amidst kindred souls. If I end up dancing fluid azonto and kukere on the printed words in your screens, then I would have achieved something which could still be made better.

    Now to the FUN stuff..
    Oh mehn!.. Something must have been put on this post (Chemo na jazz?) that opened the mouths and thumbs of all the people who have dropped comments on this piece. It was funny to read all of them.
    Like @banky said, the relationship we have is priceless and so is that which I have with some of you.
    NS has done us a good thing cos it’s given us friends that we wouldn’t have otherwise known. And even though words like ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ exist, there is still ‘friends’ behind them, and that’s what matters. I must say though, that some are more ‘friendlier’ than others…hehehe.

    I came to NS midway between the days of yore and this New age, but still it was fun. Though things seem a bit fucked up now, it can still be set right, hopefully beginning today. Everyone should do what he/she does best, and who knows? This place might become as addictive as it once used to be.

    @chemokopi, thanks for putting this up. I see twas inspired by a comment, wonder what it said. Anyways, to write ain’t all there is to it. The way one responds to comments goes a long way to show character, methinks. Nice piece. I am hoping you get the WOM jare, its high time we saw your cute/ugly picture up there. It better be cute!

    @seun-odukoya, @banky, @kaycee, @shaifamily, @jaywriter…When y’all gather like this, things happen… Too much testosterone ain’t so good na before ladies here begin to grow beards. I noticed they are scarcely present.

    I haven’t been around for months, thanks to that dreadful man called ‘Exams’, but I sure would come back when I have done him in for good. This is my pen’s home, it was the first and I would always check in for a refill. Unless NS mysteriously vanishes from the web or gets abducted by aliens…lol. NS still would have done something reasonable for us all.

    I know I have written an epistle, but that is to be expected since I have broken my hiatus for this piece. @chemokopi…you have to send me 10,000 NS points for having graced this page with my presence….hehehe. Salud!…$ß.

    1. Hehehehe…@sibbylwhyte, me I know say I no be jazz man sha. I no know wetin happen o!

      “Anyways, to write ain’t all there is to it. The way one responds to comments goes a long way to show character, methinks.” Powerful words I must say.

      As for those points…*scratches head* well, we will see about that…hehehe…

      Thanks for gracing this thread with your presence. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am honoured!

    2. See how @sibbylwhyte dey angle for points….

      Meanwhile, u talk abt “testosterone” — wait till u see us gather in real life!!!

      U av not been present at any of those times….so u won’t know….u “heard” us once or twice sha…hahahahahahahaha!!!

      1. @shaifamily: Don’t be too sure she wasn’t ‘hearing’ o! @sibbylwhyte‘s is telepathic!

  18. @abby @lade-a @gretel should all probably write something too to make this a complete discourse.

    @Jefsaraurmax you’ve made a valid point oh. But still, you no go understand shah. It was one big debate in one of the unofficial NS gatherings. I guess we’ll all have different views about it. Finally, Jonathan will soon make you a Nigerian citizen, loooool.

  19. This is arguably the longest thread I have seen on NS ever!

    I’m glad we are all having this round-table thingy. I wasn’t on NS on the days of yore but truthfully I didn’t come to NS with much expectation. I’d been writing in my own little way before I came aboard. I’ve read some very brilliant posts here and too many that didn’t quite cut it; but that’s life…you get more dirt than precious stones but you still have to deal with the dirt to get to the gems, and who knows that clod might make a very fine stone too.

    I understood that to improve my craft,I need a literary community like this to keep me focus, from the millions of distractions around me but my very first obligation as a budding writer was solidly in place – that ferocious appetite for books/reading. It’s what started this writing thing for me in the first place and after a while you start developing a sense of “rightness” or “wrongness” in everything you read, many of which you can’t even put a finger to.

    So by its very existence, NS hasn’t been too disappointing for me.

    Sometimes I wish we can get a compendium of better works but the good ones didn’t get there by wishing. They had to learn the ropes too by practice, and I believe NS is a stable for that practice. Although,I think it will be a great disservice to any aspiring writer who hasn’t caught the reading bug yet to start with NS for his daily feeds.

    Also on the “what brings us to NS poser”, it feels good to have people react to something you write or to read into it in more ways than you intended and so criticize you based on your write-up. This kinda gives me a sense of authenticity as an aspiring writer who isn’t published yet. But then again, I don’t get as many responses on my posts so I’ve had to seek for that sense of authenticity through some other means.

    But the number one reason why I’m here and still here is for the community of writers here…that sense of identification. I am more secure now as a writer than I was when I joined NS. I think every writing (both the good and the bad) does something for a writer. It tells the writer of how not to write (for a bad work) and to ape something good from a good work. I must admit however that there is a statue of limitation of how much of a bad work to be digested.

    Having said that, I’ve learnt so much from this discourse that now no holds are barring my comments forthwith. So help me God! and yea @chemokopi: nice one, you are the wind that roused the storm :-).

    1. Wow @midas, nice one! And you have mentioned some very salient points that I think mirror many writers’ reasons for coming here. This paragraph is especially important, at least to me:

      “Also on the “what brings us to NS poser”, it feels good to have people react to something you write or to read into it in more ways than you intended and so criticize you based on your write-up. This kinda gives me a sense of authenticity as an aspiring writer who isn’t published yet. But then again, I don’t get as many responses on my posts so I’ve had to seek for that sense of authenticity through some other means.”

      Thanks for reading, commenting and contributing to the discussion.

  20. Amazing how a poem that talks about NS can engender a round table discuss..

    @chemokopi…No wonder you won poetry competitions…This is my fav. verse:

    What brings our mouths to NS?
    Plaudits for the one who knows
    Torment to she that thinks she knows
    Wisdom for he that doesn’t know
    Or speech practice…you say no–you know?

    As for issues on what brings people to NS…dem don talk am for the above comments tire.
    I disagree with @kaycee though on the fact that there are no longer good works on NS.
    Seems you are against change…because NS seems to have gone through changes…and for reasons.

    1. Hmmmm…thanks for your kind words @afronuts. Much appreciated! But it would have been nice though to know what brings you to NS. There is always a word of kola vn be received from afronuts!

      1. What brings me to NS?

        The need to see how good I was because I kept having nightmares that I was wasting my gift and the desire to express these stories were tearing me apart. I was doing it on my blog before I discovered NS…a platform to express my creativity, share what I know and learn from what others know…and it has helped me a GREAT deal…thanks to experienced minds like @Myne, critically constructive minds like @TolaO, @Seun-Odukoya, @banky, insanely retrospective minds like @Kaycee, @Jaywriter, @babyada, gingerly encouraging minds like @shaifamily, @ifiokobong, @sibbylwhyte,fast-blossoming ex-rookies like @nicolebassey, @starrilyn….the list is almost endless.

        okay…did I even make sense from wetin I just write sef?

        Shey you get the picture sha? Idea is need…

        1. @afronuts: Of course you did make sense! So in essence, you came to NS to see how well you can dance in the village square, and while the ovation when merited encourages you, you also look out for the boos to make you learn your craft better and keep you in check. In a similar vein, to encourage others, you give plaudits to those who deserve it, and give wisdom to those who are still learning the craft. In the end you have found that you have become not just a spectator amongst the audience but a member of the troupe that dance on the stage and share ideas in the rehearsal and dressing room.

          And I think these are noble goals.

          1. @chemokopi

            Now I see why you’re such a good poet!

            1. hehehe…*bows*…you are too kind @afronuts.

  21. I heard my name from a far away distant land, I heard them call my name. I harkened from the sky where I have gone after my destiny. Why must he not die? I began a campaign @admin, and would requiescat in pace till it is acknowledged. I have always breathed, died and lived.

    I am a philosopher and indeed, idea rules the world. Like all dead, I sheared all possessions (points) but this,
    for strife is life!

    “I EXPECT….
    Tuesday, October 23, 2012 7:13 PM
    From: Ostar
    Add sender to Contacts

    In the updates that Ostar donated pts. to the site,
    not for his glory, but an awareness of the
    possibility of such.

    He has even donated all to start afresh from the
    promptings of his Muse, that he may continue,
    “to breathe, die and live.”

    From Ostar”

      1. A worthy act Ostar!

        1. Of a truth @mildredhughes. @ostar you have become the proverbial phoenix!

    1. Thanks @louis. You are too kind

  22. wetin i go talk now?
    ehn? Everybodi don talk all the Oyinbo finish
    Dance all the azonto etighi and kukere…
    Na wa o.
    Anyway sha, @chemokopi thank you for writing the poem.
    @afronuts thank you for noticing my fledging attempts at dance
    Thanks @admin for this forum.
    I wasnt here in days of yore but my inner man tells me the est days of NS are ahead,
    Perhaps at the other end of an ideas for NS posts and comment improvement contest . hehehe. Sannu.

    1. tanchu for commenting @sunshine ;)

  23. @dkny111
    truly poetic…………

    1. @chemokopi, my oga at the top, wow, even though I don’t like poetry, but this is really good

      @innoalifa this for alerting me to this

      1. Thanks @innoalifa and @dkny111. Mee, I understand your misgivings about poetry. In many ways, it can be said that I do not like poetry, too. :)

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