WaZoBia NUTS (a Nigeria Satire)

WaZoBia NUTS (a Nigeria Satire)

You that say Nigeria is but a map
And call that we knife out borders –
No more sisters and brothers!
Here I’ll brew for you a poetic slap!

If you will, laugh – drunken fools –
As I tell to you my nut tale.
I shall stand hide not my tail.
For fools with wine of folly full!

Nigeria sat together at a picnic…
“Bisimilah” Mallam Sule said offering boiled groundnuts.
“E wa ba mi re” Ogbeni Fagbemi said as he put wall nuts
In front of Mazi Okoro’s pile of big, lobed Kola nuts –
And each smiled, hands in the pockets of his tunic.

And they ate speaking of nuts:
Shea nuts, Tiger nuts, Cashew nuts
Coconuts, Etima nuts, Palm nuts…
…Laughing while sitting on their nuts.

Well, that is the tale I want to tell.
For those of you still waiting
To spread your message of hating,
Get ready to go to hell!

So laugh again if you will!
This my tale of WaZoBia nuts
Shall forever prick your thoughts.
(So long as you breathe still!)

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25 thoughts on “WaZoBia NUTS (a Nigeria Satire)” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. ‘Walnuts’
    ‘Spread your message of HATE’ I think reads better (but I know say you been wan rhyme! ;-))

    It’s a creative poem, though the rhyming effort took off some of its punch.

    Well done oh.:-)

    1. Thank you Sir @kayceenj …but do you know that ‘Hating’ is a modern noun?

    1. Oga @kaycee, na you be master o!

  2. What nut are you selling here?

    1. Returned with appreciation Sir @ohmston

  3. Seyi (@supremo)

    Maybe my appreciation of poetry will happen tomorrow.

      1. Seyi (@supremo)

        I find it difficult to abstract the message in most poetic pieces like this, except on very rare occasions. Keep writing, I’m sure going to overcome the clog some day.

        1. it will come with time bro….keep reading them

  4. This is a good easy to understand poem. It’s a comedic poem if I’ve ever seen one. Everyone tries to be deep when writing poems like poetry was cursed to forever be sad. Well done, dude. I liked it very much.

    1. Oga @vescucci, i’m sure that @kaycee will appreciate this comment of your greatly. We have this standing debate on the subject matter of simplicity of poems.

      1. Hmmmmn. By Kaycee appreciating my comments, he is probably on my side. By writing what you’ve written, you probably are on my side too. You guys can’t be arguing if you’re both on my side. Clarifications required!

        1. Its just that I feel that not all poems should be ‘simple’ and direct…and again, some poems that are so simple and direct to you may actually be difficult but you think the’re easy because you found an angle, missing several

  5. Nice poem. But I am not sure why there is so much anger in the poem…and that anger doesn’t seem to be justified within the world of the poem.

    Well done.

    1. Did you type your comment somewhere before pasting here or you actually read the poem and posted? I marvel at the direction of your comment, pointless to say the least.
      Anger unjustified. I really think bafflement is an understatement here.

      Oga @kaycee, abeg help me out o!

  6. @xikay I love the way you construct your words, bringing out a poetic structure with deep meaning…

  7. You humble me with your kind comments @innoalifa..thanks

    1. member

      @xikay … because your creativity continues to enlighten my mind…

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