The Dark Continent

The Dark Continent

I travelled north, south, west and east of the world
Still I can’t find the Dark Continent
If it exists, perhaps I can only decipher the meaning of the word
And hope it create the image in the heart.

In primitive era, it lived unconcious of the outside world
Until they invaded its territory-

Culture and style they inherited from it
Slavery and civilization it shook hands with
A sweetbitter story, now tales to its offsprings
Suffering and smiling, what few wise called it
To the fools,’Out of Dark Age’, they herald it.

Institutions and laws were imposed
Wealth and resources were controled
Till the Dark Continent lost its interest
Then the outside world left it in distress.

Of course, in the dark age they met it.
Dark Continent-Striving to see the light shine on it
Forgetting its shadow will always trail behind.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Continent” by shomyk (@shomyk)

  1. A man once told me, ‘poetry can’t be rushed’. This poem will benefit if you reread it and then rewrite. the more papers you toss, the better it gets, and when you’re done, you’ll be proud to say… “I wrote this” that’s why we write basically. The satisfaction we get from other people’s joy when they interact with our works. Kudos though, keep writing.

  2. A poem for Africa.
    Nice effort.

  3. @daireenonline Point taken, thank you indeed..I’ll do as you’ve said. Oga mi @kaycee, thanks for stopping by.

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