The Dance

The Dance

It was a day like any other

But one destined to be like no other

When two unknowing actors

 In a play Scripted by fate

Traversed its stage

Neither seeing the other.

Fate’s fingers plucked at the strings

Of its poisoned harp

Spilling out silent music

Others traversed the stage unhearing

But they sensed out its melody

And their feet caught its charm

As they played out fate’s haloed script

And then they danced

Far into the night

And well into the day

They danced until darkness

Swallowed up the moonlight

And daylight spewed forth sunshine

They danced familiarly

To the unfamiliar tunes

Of a mischievous harpist.

They danced then

And they dance still now

The harpist is not set to stop playing

And they are not set to stop dancing

So, dance they must

Until the harpist exhausts his tunes

And their feet stripped of his charms

Dance they must

Far into the night

And well into the day.

(Inspired by the song “The Dance” by Garth Brooks)

5 thoughts on “The Dance” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Oh-kay. This is the bros who’s poems are regularly inspired by songs.

    Honestly, maybe you shouldn’t mention that you were inspired by so-so song, because I enjoy the poem – and then I get to the end and sigh. The enjoyment is soured by the knowledge that it is inspired by a song.

    Why don’t I just go and enjoy the song?!

    I’m just saying. No offense meant.

  2. @Seun, no offence taken.

    As I have mentioned before in response to similar observations, the titles of my poems are taken from the songs that inspired them.

    However, there is usually no correlation between the the theme of the songs and theme of my poems. So, listening to the song after reading the poem may be unnecessary if you are trying to find a common link just as ditching the poem to listen to the song instead will serve no purpose.

    Perhaps, you could put it down to it being my style or me paying homage to the songs that inspire my poetry.


  3. hahaha….

    @esosa honestly, d piece is cool.

    I feel u did well by it.

    As per ur muses, they are ur muses man….nurture wah u’ve got.

    Meanwhile, do u only get inspired when u listen to songs?

  4. Really nice poem. Makes me wanna resuscitate the dead poet in me. *yimu*

  5. You do well.
    Keep listening to those songs.

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