That Girl…

That Girl…


That Girl...

She is the personification
Of beauty in motion.

She is the notes on the sheet
That guides the drummer’s beat.

She is the scent of the rose
Come, let her tease your nose

She is a soundless song, hear it
And lose yourself in its beat.

She is the flood waters of Jordan;
She parts only for the honor of man.

She is the oasis in the dessert
Found only by the stout heart.

Find me a woman, true
And I’ll show you that girl too.
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24 thoughts on “That Girl…” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Hmmm. Sweet!

    I mean – the picture.

    The girl is…I mean the poem is…

    Stop confusing jo!!!!

    1. Ha ha ha…Oga…Na woman dey confuse you so?

  2. Enjoyed the poem and hmm the girl..

    1. #ville hmmm… you be woman wrapper?

  3. The poem is prettier than the girl. Her make up is too much, plus her nose is one kind. Plus we don’t know if her hips are encouraging or if her legs are K.
    We also do not know if….or if…

    1. @kaycee don come o! I go report you to her.

  4. @kaycee, shut up dia joor! na poem you com read or woman make-up? mtcheeew! asewo buruku.

    Well, xikay, good job man. Very good. But one error: desert not dessert!

    Brilliant rhymes too!

    1. Thank you @banky, no be today I don dey make that dessert/desert mistake…cant just get it. No mind @kaycee…I sabi where to catch am

  5. Hmn…wetin woman go cause for this world ehn, na God go fit answer
    Nice poem bro, nice pix still.

    1. wetin happen o oga @midas

  6. It is refreshing to read something this nice again….

    Nice work, bro.

      1. But, it is fine. Kudos where it is due….

  7. Seyi (@supremo)

    I think I understand this one.

    1. sure you @supremo thanks for reading

  8. Nice poem, kaycee i think you know this girl lol @ ur comments

    1. @ifiokobong…he met her on facebook

  9. Judging by your standards, I think this poem is weak; the first stanza is bland and lacks creativity, and as lines that open the poem, they should indeed be striking.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

    1. I was initially tempted to fire a few invective at you Mr. bland creativity @chemokopi but i just reasoned that Perhaps you just returned from a palm-wine bar before you read the poem.
      there are certain words you don’t employ…and by the way, what standards have you set for me that you haven’t informed me of?
      Even @kayce wey dey always talk am as e be no go select these words.
      just so you know, the first couplet is what i like in the poem.

      1. I am sorry you took my words the wrong way. Read through your other poems I have commented on to determine the said standards. My apologies again.

  10. Good poem. I only think you shouldn’t have used the word ‘beat’ twice. Perhaps it’s something only I abhor

    1. @vescucci the word beat was used in line with the musical direction of the poem, drummers, notes, beats, rhythm…

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