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There is something about the depth of the artiste – it is only gotten by going into the heart of this one. Several years ago, I would marvel at the profoundness of the works of lots of literary maestros. The depth of their creative springs and reaches left me bedazzled. I started writing, churning out tales easily with poetry and the seeming ‘myth’ of the work put into writing lost its hold on me: these were simply creative works thrown out. Unnecessary attention was usually given them – I thought. I read some critiques to show the pretensions of people’s works. But then, I got to change yet again as I became more of a writer by reading and growing values that I would hold on to.

Writing that was overtly easy to me became harder. Each word became important – what message is this giving? Does it speak what I want? Does it tell what I represent? Many thoughts died with words stifled out till at some point, it became somewhat more possible (but not easier) to churn out words. Poems and other write-ups took longer time and more edits. My being went into the process. Where is this leading to?

IT brought me to realise that the deep depths I saw in works several years ago were for real. I do not doubt that certain writers simply write without thinking. I do not doubt that several writers don’t write what they preach. Yet I know some do. It is these ones that make the writing process all worth the while. The ones that make the name ‘writer’ worth wearing with pride.

There’s no art to finding the mind’s construction in the face rings true in this case too. You have to read the work and in some cases, know the writer deeply to know if both tally: You make your analysis of a work and if you know the author well you can tell if it is a reflection of his/her thoughts or simply a blessing of some muse on a(n) (un)deserving ass (pun intended).

I do not doubt the humanity of the writer. I believe it greatly and know they are more human than many with their foibles, mistakes and all. Now, does it matter that almost everyone on the road or in their room for that matter claims to be a writer? I don’t really think so. What separates (the) writers is the depth of thought that (s)he has come to garner and yes, experience too. It comes from the study of several ones – in books read. The experience in a rich life lived, no matter how such. It’s the varying experience carried. A writer who hasn’t read is not really a writer worth much salt. A writer who hasn’t lived really, hasn’t lived.

I have studied several works and had the pleasure of meeting, interacting and enjoying the unique grace of the friendships of many writers. The true writer still exists and I have seen him and her severally. I get to discover that what I thought of some of their work was far less than what lay therein. They – most writers – are far deeper. It has been very humbling but worth it all. To know these people who are peculiar yet similar in many lights. These ones who would many times just want to be alone to access the recesses of their innermost beings or others who would just want to go out and get it. These ones who look at a bland wall and discover lines to leave others amazed.

All this has made sense why some artistes would risk it all for their craft. It makes sense why a lot of them see that there’s a lot they can offer in words and actions. It’s in the definition of that depth that has become them from all they have drunk of and become – of the words of others, of the life they have lived.

For every true writer, there’s a depth…

Phoneys, have fun. Children, enjoy. Writers, live on.





(First Published on http://sueddie.wordpress.com and in Slyk and Distinct Magazine)

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  1. @sueddie

    I know I haven’t been exactly as forthcoming as I should have been – and I apologise for that. Things have just been; well, somehow.

    This is just so sobering. You know; one of the small pleasures I derive from reading stuff from people I know/can get in touch with is analyzing their stuff – and then asking them if I’m right or not. It’s fun.

    It’s a miracle; how we do what we do. God is awesome.

    This is cool. Thank you.

    1. @seun-odukoya: It’s been long man, really long. How you holding on with all? Hope you great…
      The miracle of inspiration and putting it all down is simply simply … wow! Truly, Aondo is awesome. It has always been an amazement to me. We are blesed o! Fashi that the number of the writing tribe keeps increasing everyday with people wearing (and in others profaning) the garb of the pen.
      I do hope that the fluids roll on for you and that your every inky expression find some good resting place. Cheers :)

  2. For every true writer, there’s a depth… #gbam!

    Nothing more to add my Oga.

    1. @banky, jare try change that smiley face jor! Looks very one kain! Ehem… that said :)
      E no get part 2 – the Engineer has done his work!
      The depth is something to marvel at o! Guy, have you really sat with a writer to discuss issues? Ah! Most times you would be amazed o! Kai, e no get part 2. Tru tok. Sha, how far? Hope you good… Been a while man…

      1. I agree with you.

        That @banky‘s smiley face makes him look like he’s (a) gay, or (b) a paedophile.

        Change it joo!

        1. @banky: that translates to strike two!!

          1. Quite thoughtful….This has really taught me several lessons on ‘writing…Kudos @Sueddie

          2. @sueddie, @seun-odukoya, abeg, make una leave my cutey smiley o! ahn! And you Seun, you will see you will know! mtchhew! May God never make me ‘get down’ with a man when babes plenty begging for a piece of the action. Paedophile?! You are just incurable. Why would you think of that sef?! *rolls eyes*

            1. @banky: We might protest till you take that thing off o!! Hmm…
              @seun-odukoya: abi?

              Banky, take those lashes off jare!

  3. Words to live by here@sueddie.

    Of course the writer’s depth cannot be over-emphasized, otherwise how is he to mesh the strands of falsehood or just sheer imagination to something beautiful as to be called a work of art. It takes a lot of soul-searching-introspection, which doesn’t only happen through living alone, but gluttonous reading as well.

    Depth, my brother is sacrosanct for every writer who wishes to distinguish himself

    1. As our people would say: ‘Yu don yarn’
      Word! Maybe depth it is that defines us all in the end. The level to which we can go and through which way… Hmm. Experience is the true definer of that depth in the end. There’s a way it curries and builds the imagination. Whether it is borrowed like from books or the like or acquired like us getting it… Kai. Walahi, as @seun-odukoya put it: Awesome. How do we do it? Aondo is truly great.

  4. @midas: that was at you!
    By the way, @seun, where you?

  5. @sueddie there is plenty, plenty truth in all u av written here. U be our “prophet”, of a sort. Hahaha.

    ” You make your analysis of a work and if you know the author well you can tell if it is a reflection of his/her thoughts or simply a blessing of some muse on a(n) (un)deserving ass (pun intended).” – I av found ds to be very true….

    1. @shaifamily: Interestingly, you would find some of the analysis in that write even from here…
      Which is why I was pleased with the Lagos meet you people had. It’s the reason why I love going for conventions, conferences and meeting the writers. It’s usually worth it all.
      Mind sharing some of those experiences? :)

  6. This craft of ours!
    I will be forever grateful to all and whatever that brought me into writing.

    1. @kaycee: Amen! Wouldn’t we all be?
      There’s a fun thrill to it. Philosopher and writer… You have brought your study and knowledge to bare in your writing and yes, it has been fun seeing you grow far more. Guy, I hail.

  7. @whizpoet: Thanks man. Thanks for reading. Glad it made some sense jare…
    Sup with you and the blog?

  8. @sueddie, when I read pieces like this, I shudder. Because I truly do not see myself as a writer. I do not tell stories; I simply observe and put things down. I am in awe of writers…their depth, their insight, the way they can capture you with a few words and draw you in.

    Thanks for this intriguing piece

    1. @hotchocolate: hmm, that’s what most of them usually say until they get the big awards! :)
      Well, what then is the true definition of the writer? We are scribblers with the gift of just some deeper thoughts, full stop [oh, forgot that was meant to be a dot :) ]
      Got my eyes on you!
      Thanks and I do hope your depth increases much!

      1. @sueddie, which awards? I won a prize once in SS2 for best English student, but that’s it for me prize-wise!

        1. @hotcholate: Ah, don’t worry… We would have this conversation in five years time – if Aondo [God] keeps us… By then I am sure your trophy bag would be bulging – if you keep writing o! :)
          Enjoyed the diet piece! Ah, isn’t that our story too? Most of us would relate to it as @Seun-Odukoya said…

          1. na wa o… that was meant to be @hotchocolate! Uche, biko, don’t mind me. I am sure I wouldn’t have made that mistake if I was writing @hotcake!
            :) Teasing…

            1. How funny @sueddie! I’ve caught you! I WISH my cake was hot!

  9. @SU’EDDIE…lol finally caught you here :) Think I saw this on the blog huh?

    A writers depth is like a day old okazie soup…ever noticed how it always gets better as it ages? well so sorry for the foodie analogy again. The depth is defined by the subject at hand, sure personalities get interwoven with the work; at least a little sips through.
    Yet another insightful write up, very becoming.

  10. @dottaraphels: Hmm, you’ve turned the FB to your new blog o!
    And oh, you didn’t ‘catch’ me… I’ve always been around, just that you haven’t been looking in my direction :) More like looking for the glasses you are putting on!

    About the food thing, ah, no wahala… After all, we are having food people dropping comments. Have you read @hotchocolate‘s piece on trying to fight food issues? You should! I didn’t care much for the writing as for the piece in itself. Smiled at the whole thing. Lovely one.

    Where have we left @aturmercy? Hmm… :)

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