Poets Have Got Nine Lives

Poets Have Got Nine Lives







One day, is this earthly birth they come,

With no stars and wise men to herald their arrival,

These men no naught of their sacred lives

Or most kings like Herod would dare.

One day, nature bids them a wordy welcome,

And rich blessings of countless proverbs pour,

Until one of these lives passes slowly away

And another wakes up drained by the side of starry skies


He brays a fine imprint and quits this lonesome scene

His words other Herod’s will this day read

A decree that all should know of his sage thoughts,

This stranger to them begets a new face.


And tomorrow, their children will come asking his name,

His shadowed pasts will quickly be revealed,

And brought back to life by these boy-critics,

Whose wisdom still lack in the depth of his ancient rhymes


To this poet no eye has ever seen

‘’He said in his works…’’ says a third living day

Great wise men will keep this book of endless quotes

Until this resting poet lives again


A hundred years to this singing choral,

Still finds his poems on some cold old shelf,

Many centuries may pass, cognition of him yet dawns

For a poets words lives inside a glass cymbal


Poets have got nine lives or more

One for every day man walks the earth

New stars might tell another’s tale, but together

All poets shine, ‘cos these words can never die.



9 thoughts on “Poets Have Got Nine Lives” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. Hmmm….
    One word caught my attention sha – ‘boy-critics’.

    1. @Shadiat: I wonder, is it the ‘boy’ or the ‘critic’ or the ‘girl’ that caught ur attention. Pray tell…

      1. The ‘boy’ part na (which could also be ‘girl’). It gives me the impression that u look (or looked) down on ur critics; like they’re immature.

  2. Why do poets have nine lives? Is the Herod in your poem the same with the Herod that wanted to marry his niece during the era of John the baptist.

  3. ^^^ He means their legacy lives on. And of course it’s the same Herod but Herods by extension mean great men, good or evil, I suppose

    1. Thank you sah. You said it all

  4. It always baffles me why writers go to great lengths to shroud and conceal the meaning of their poems.
    The beauty of a poem is in its appeal to other external minds.
    Gimme back my 10 points o.

    I said, gimme back my 10 points, or…

    The poem looks like a good work..

    1. @Kaycee: forgive my wordy cloak. If you were quite observant, you would realise that I wrote this poem over three years ago and I’ve been too lazy to edit it since then. I’m sure you won’t have d problem of cloaked themes in my more recent works. Thanks for stopping by sir, and as for your ten points, I’m certain you wnt miss them. (Winks)

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