Night Guests.

T’was late last night when I went to sleep

I’d been so worked up so I slept too deep

I was oblivious of my phone’s “beep-beep”

And I did not know someone’d come to peep

He opened my door and in did creep


He had no idea someone else’d been there

Sitting cool and calm at my bed’s far rear

Watching o’er me like He really did care

Guards around my bed and He on a chair

The later guest, perplexed, became full of fear


The later guest was He; who the earth does rule

And he’d used me once as a living tool

I had played along; yes, I’d been a fool

But traced back my steps to the cleansing pool

And the former guest had welcomed me; calm and cool


The later guest is known for untold evil

So craftily, he makes danger beautiful

Oh, how he entices little by little

And often, he traps naïve people

He is none other than the fiend, Devil


He thought he’d been smart but this left him shocked

His plans had been foiled and he was provoked

He would not relent though his way was blocked

So he told the lies which in him were stocked

And when that failed him, then I he mocked


“Master, Lord” said he, “What doeth thou

This servant of yours is alone but foul

He has done much wrong and kept not his vow

If you’d love to know, I could tell you how

If you doubt my words, check his file right now”


So my file brought they, for my deeds to check

I had done much wrong; my good but a speck

Very many times, I had been a jerk

My sins were so great on a lofty deck

My life- in one piece- was a total wreck


While I deeply slept, my soul was at stake

So much wrong I’d done, mistakes I did make

Few sincerity, so much I did fake

Sometimes I’d been true, severally I’d shake

Most of the time, though, I’d totally break


My Lord said to him, “His sins are forgiven”

He went through my wrongs, and had them unwritten

He took no count of how I’d been living

He let it all go as if it were nothing

Extravagant grace, to me He had given


“Look at this, Oh Lord,” my accuser said

Some journal of my errs from A to Zed

He showed several flops I had long past made

All the dirty words I had often said

Little did he know- my debts had been paid!


My Lord held the book and apart did tear

Cos back on that cross, my sins He did bear

He christened me Free; salvation my gear

And said  I could go and be of good cheer

For no harm or darts would ever me near


My saviour looked up at my accuser

“His sins are forgiven, now and forever

By my love and grace, I have made him better

Now flee thee from here and near him never!

I have paid his debts,” said my redeemer.


My foe had lost, and he looked so cheap

He turned to leave and of course, did slip

He bounded away with a odd leap

While God, my soul did watch and keep

Safe and saved, I snored in my deep sweet sleep.

20 thoughts on “Night Guests.” by Chimzorom (@chimzorom)

  1. Nice rhymes and fun to read.

  2. Sweet sweet poetry. I loved it.

    1. Thanks, @ohmston. I’m grateful

  3. Absolutely beautiful.
    Well done.

    1. I’m really flattered, @kaycee. Thanks.

  4. A song for sinners. A rhythm of divine grace. Brings to mind the words of Christ this, ‘…whilst men slept’

    1. @daireenonline, you are right all through. Thanks.

    1. I’m so grateful you did @katie. Thanks.

  5. @chimzorom :) hey gal!

    Sweet sounds these rhymes of yours, why truly just like your name :) !
    I smiled through the very last line, calming, that’s what it is as we sleep through life.

    1. Thanks dearie, @dottaraphels. Your comment means a lot; very glad.(•‿•)

  6. Wow, this was very very good. Like the music of milton.

    1. Thanks Thomas.

  7. I must say am not 1 who fancies poetry dat much but i did enjoy reading dis poem.Nice work indeed.

    1. Thank you very much @jade69

  8. I bow………….

    1. Hehe @innoalifa, I’m honored.

      1. ….but keep writing…

        1. :) I will, thank you.

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