My letter to Ghanaians

My letter to Ghanaians

Foreign. Strange.

Is all I am to you.

Do we not breathe the same air?

Does not blood pump in your veins as in mine?

Don’t the same streams of salty tears flow from our eyes?

Yet you choose to look down on me, and my ways

You close off your hearts and your doors

You snicker and laugh at me and mine

I want you to know

Each and every one of you

That a day will come when I’ll stop trying

When I’ll walk out of here and slam the door behind me

Then, it’ll be too late, to make changes

To regret and weep over what could have been a beautiful friendship, relationship, partnership

The bath water would have been thrown and the baby with it

And I, will have been long gone.


4 thoughts on “My letter to Ghanaians” by Yeniee (@Yeniee)

  1. I didn’t know there was so much difference or strangeness between Nigerians and Ghanaians? Touching…

  2. country inhumanity to another. country segregation. what is so special about them.

  3. I like it that people treat us this way, maybe someday we shall wake up from slumber and be ‘law abiding humans’ . You are not just profiled for being a Nigerian, you are profiled because our government,like our people continue to exhibit dishonest behaviour that is only befitting of animals. @ Tiwa,i feel your pains.

  4. I really like this piece welldone yeenie, of all people Ghanaians

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