Memory lane

Memory lane

(Memories of our trip to Ghana)
It’s very funny
How little, time flies
Now you just met
And in a blink you’re all gone
Wow! It’s just unbelievable
How I’ve gotten used to you
And how I wish
The sun will stand still
Till eternity comes
And time will be
A thing of the past

Looking at those pictures
Makes me think of you
Like I never did before
The fun at the beach
The golden moment
Of seating to listen to lectures
The African Market
Bani Int’l Hostels
The theatre
Accra Shopping mall
The Bush market
All those eating of apples
The 3.ooCedis Indomie
Everything’s just so fresh
On my mind

You know?
All the ladies and gentlemen
Have just been so awesome
The chats in the car
At the hostels
The drivers
The roads
All the beautiful peoples
Along the way
The scenes
Hmmmm! So magnificent

Despite the roughness of the road
A lot has been learnt
And they remain glued
To my little brains
Like a tube and tyre.

4 thoughts on “Memory lane” by Shinaigo Tadi (@skyfaze)

  1. Me too. The good thing about this poem is that its raw and fresh. When i read the lines, i saw Ghana. Welldone, goodwork but more effort will do.

  2. @kaycee, Thanks very much, you’re wonderful.
    @lactoo, thanks for the encouraging words, remain blessed.

  3. An ok poem. Well done!

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