Jewel of the Nile

Jewel of the Nile









Sands of time once told of a tale:

A gown once worn with a beautiful veil

Sculpted like Da Vinci’s art on a mysterious she.

The winds blew dew at her nimble feet,

The dancing air kissed her glistening hairs,

And down by the Nile her beauty revelled


Her smiles were rough-cut diamonds

Enchanting thirst to the cast of their lure

Her grace, every lover’s lofty quest

Spreading waves of her sweet scented allure


The music of her passion, ignited by his smile

Strong and tall stood the he, man of her dreams

towering like the tall trees that danced by the Nile

Subservient and polite, loyal, honest and kind


Together, they’d watch the flow of the Nile

Like they were King and Queen,

The Nile, their merry kingdom

So was once, how this story went


But this poem of truth reveals their end

Death in this watery kingdom for him…

Till every breath of his was still:


A wicked king from afar was in need of a bride

Puppet soldiers marched

Till for him, a saddened gown and a veil

Lay locked in his bedchambers like a slave


Sands of time once told of a tale,

Of a gown once worn with a beautiful veil

And nothing to this day,

Was ever heard, of the mysterious she

Or the selfish King that had come from far.


2 thoughts on “Jewel of the Nile” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. Very tight. My mind imagined a tale…beautiful

    1. I fink it is a Tale indeed. But, which??? Help to unravel dt mystery @ohmston

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