I Remember

I remember waking up with expectations

Cautiously avoiding distractions

I remember having a promise to fulfill

Trying to measure up to fit the bill


I remember those blissful moments of the day

Smartly working to keep failure at bay

I remember not having two pennies to rub together

Struggling to get out of the mess one way or another


I remember those lustful romantic evenings

Beatified with intimate flings

I remember it was hard for me to let go

The pleasure of seeing you again, I had to forgo


I remember miserable nights of nightmares

Fighting with unknown forces in warfares

I remember seeing fog of death

Trying to snatch away my breath


I remember I was created to do good works

Making the world better for the young folks

I remember I made a pledge

To remain a sage

14 thoughts on “I Remember” by Ogwo David Emenike (@ogwodavies)

  1. Seyi (@supremo)

    You just made me remember some things too.

  2. Fit the bill or foot the bill?
    Good work.

  3. Nice message, nice read

  4. Kaycee,. Thanks! Fit the bill – To be exactly what is needed in a particular situation.

  5. @ Seyi… lol… Keep remembering. @ Shadiat… Thanks!

  6. Memories….


  7. Thanks… Seun n Uzywhyte!

  8. Not just remember, also act :)

    Good one.

  9. All these poets *hisses* be ruining peoples moods oo. just got me on a pensive level now, thinking… :(

    This is really cool, thumbs up. I love the way the poem flowed, crept under the reader’s skin.

  10. Thanks Myne, Chemokopi, and Dairen!

  11. ha ha…some nice @ogwodavies
    looll@lustful romantic evenings…
    beautiful poem sir

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