I Bless Myself

I Bless Myself


Behold in awe my silver and my gold
Everlasting from my youth to my old
My offspring are above like the skies hold
They are the stars twinkling, shining and bold

In bullions reserve depart not my coins
truly I do deserve to dwell in Zion
And my belt shall never fall of my loin
And also nothing shall defile my groin

In days of my youth I was led by God
Blessings I remember he gave me word
Now I am caused to be king and be lord
With a golden scepter I rule my world

My heart rejoice filled with happy anthem
My spirit still as mountains of Salem
I am surrounded with beautiful harem
I am a man its God’s image i am

Therefore I rule with golden scepter
Beautiful roses planted on large hectare
Now that I know, I am light and scepter
This light within will not die, burn forever.

4 thoughts on “I Bless Myself” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. I suppose this deserves a “nice”

  2. Yeah, it’s a good piece. Kudos.

    Take a look again at the rhymes, some are off…

  3. its a good poem but you must never force rhymes. if it doesnt come… leave it

  4. Yeah.

    ‘Nice’ would be just right.

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