I Am My Mother’s Son

I Am My Mother’s Son

E’er I could comprehend, she spoke to me
When I was voiceless, she understood me
My pains, her manifest
For she nestled me warmly

My best friend for months – nine
She took me everywhere she went
Sharing my jokes and rooting for me
Anxiously awaiting my showing

I cried, I wailed, I lamented
Her warmth, my comfort zone; divorced
When, pushed I was to breathe in air
Our love affair temporarily stalled

‘Twas soon revealed, she loved me more
My tears, her distress button
For nothing important was
When my lips parted releasing melodious tunes

Overtime, she fought for me
Fought with me
And sometimes, fought against me
Still our connection grew stronger; our bond unbreakable

She was my first love, when love, I had no understanding of
She is my true love, for no one knows me better
She will be the queen of my heart, till the words part, I do.

I do, will usher in a new first
I do, will install a new queen
Still, though she be dethroned
A special place she will occupy
For she understood me first
She is my Mother
And I, I will always, eternally, be her boy.

-for Mom, Mrs Omokehinde Ruth Gbadebo my friend, my confidant :)
Love you loads!

6 thoughts on “I Am My Mother’s Son” by Daireen (@daireenonline)

  1. What a sweet tribute to your mum :)

    1. @myne well, sometimes we miss mum and she does not believe that knuckleheads like us actually feel love towards her. That’s the story of boys. ;)

  2. Beautiful, boss…

  3. The day i write a tribute to my mum, the shock might just kill her.
    Very nice one.

    1. @kaycee, my own mother will lock her treasure chest firmly. I might even get awarded a tight slap too. I’m reticent about my love for her and so, she has learnt to ignore me… mostly ;)

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