Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Behold the scribe who once the pen held

Scribbling the truth to heal conscience’s wounds

He inks now a dirge for a faith once professed

Pandering to the fortune of fate

He scribbles an ode to the throne of power

His perch atop the throne threatened

By the vile rhetoric of the billowy healer

Freshly exhumed from obscurity

His loins he girds and his lips he puckers

To the rear orifice of power

Fellating the emperor’s sphincter.

His comrades in arms

Wielders of the quill

Sworn to oath

To guide power aright

Anarchists he now dubs them

And the emperor  he proclaims

A victim of the people’s treason.

The people are blind

But the emperor is gifted with vision

His passion for the land burns brighter

Than their blood spilled to secure his throne.

The people are fools

But the emperor is gifted with the wisdom of the sages

The tales of his austere past that he regaled them with

Was but a metaphor for the hand

The gods had dealt the land

Enthroned at last

The people now bask in wealth abundant

Vicariously through his reign ostentatious.

But hear ye all of hardened hearts

The din sired by a thousand quills

Scribbling odes to the emperor’s infamy

Will drown not the truth

For its lone voice is louder

Than the oratory of deception

Above the melodies of praise singers

Beyond the litanies of rogue priests garbed in silken finery

The voice of conscience is everything louder than everything else.

(Inspired by the song “Everything louder than everything else” by Meatloaf)

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  1. This is very good.

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