This is dedicated to my noble chambers, Equity chambers.

Conceived by law.
Years after it’s brothers were born.
A baby chambers was born.
Equity! a bright dawn.

The baby, who walked with wobbly knees.
Now, stands on iron feet .
Success, clenched tight in it’s youthful fist.
Equity! to your elbow i say more grease.

Through thick and thin, it survives.
The stumbles it had, a test of time.
Equity! a pride of mine.

All credit, to its founders.
Who turned it into a wonder.
Many problems they encountered.
Yet, what God has put together.
Equity, No man can put asunder.

8 thoughts on “Equity!” by Haphsah (@hafsah18)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Can’t knock this, though I really wanna. I’ll allow others do that, if they do comment :)

    I’ll say this though, watch out for the typos. You know what they say, ‘the devil is in the details’

    Keep growing strong…

  2. Why are you ending your lines with full stops? It does not make it read as enjoyable as it would – for me that is.

    And honestly – it’s just a basic poem. It’s neither engaging or particularly ‘interesting’, because you’re not talking about a subject we particularly care about or are interested in; and you’re not doing it in a particularly interesting or engaging or creative way. It’s just there.

    No offense. Do get better.

    1. None taken…will do.

  3. Yet, what God has put together.
    Equity, No man can put asunder.
    I like this.

  4. The chambers will appreciate it.
    It is a simple poem, and i like the aim.

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