Choices and Fates

Choices and Fates

It dissolves my resolve

Once I asked how a leopard can blot its spots

Or a tiger wipe its stripes

Living the moments even they pass

Just like flickering flames before the dust and the ash

Cherishing them even as they perish

Peace resides on the other side of conflict

And there’s no berth around

Even as tis easier to cut along the grain

A bit to lose but a lot to gain

The enemy is usually on the other side of a mirror

Who defines light without knowing of darkness?

Or vice versa?

Happy things have sad ends

Lovers become friends

But memory lane is a two way road

One just needs to choose between

Tarnishing the varnish

Or varnishing the tarnish

17 thoughts on “Choices and Fates” by vescucci (@vescucci)

  1. Wow.
    Very philosophical.

  2. I’ll take the wow as a good sign. Thanks @kaycee

  3. ‘The enemy is usually on the other side of a mirror
    Who defines light without knowing of darkness?’

    Those lines made it worth reading. Seems you be psychologist ba? be asking questions you can’t answer ooo.

    Well done.

    1. Haha. The philosophers ask more questions than they can answer na. That’s reasoning. I am no philosopher though. I’ve just been around a tiny bit. Thanks for your comments @daireen

  4. @vescucci Chief/Ma’am u made my afternoon. Now, even the choice of ur image speaks of something deeper. I don’t know what that image means….I fink it is Japanese (yeah?)…buh, I will really like to know.

    Now, as per the piece….you preaching yeah? We shouldn’t be afraid to take risks….to take the high road to finding that which might be better than where one stands….right?

    I like that angle….really like it.

    Nice work. Will be keeping an eye out for ur future work.


    1. @shaifamily. How perceptive you are. Most of my poems have hidden patterns, rhymes and structure that usually goes over the head of people. Explaining it just robs it of its beauty. But you have made my evening for this is the best response I’ve got on this site. Not cuz you like it and obviously relate to it but cuz you are on the same page with my thoughts upon writing it. In short, I’m “preaching” to give in to things you can’t control and do what you can about what you have control over.

      The symbol is kanji (Japanese) for Life.

      1. Thank u for that….be using that symbol for my dp this evening.


  5. I forgot to add….”Fear” is so potent u are afraid of it.
    That is the greatest problem, fear of the unknown.

  6. This is a nice poem despite the repetitive *even… and the fact that I never knew peace to reside on the other side of a conflict. I thought the side we choose to stay on was the better side…the peaceful one? I could be wrong though…

    1. I also hate repetition except it’s intentional, like it is here. Conflict there refers to conflict with one’s heart and not with someone else. Thanks for reading @adaobiokwy

  7. What a thoughtful piece, well written too.

    1. Thanks @Myne :)

  8. Nice poem i admire your word play

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