A Moment Like This

A Moment Like This

Holding you cling to my embrace

Am here holding you and beholding your face

So much to expect from you

A time when all suffice placing time on hold

A moment like this


Moving to discover who we are

So many things to discover

Because is a moment of discovery

Of the true personality of you and I

Hold my hands lets go on a journey


With you in view

As we escape on a journey

On the magic carpet to love wonderland

Filled with so much fun and laughter

Take my hands for real and let’s begin


A day not just a day

A new day has come for us

A moment like this some people ask for it

Once in a life time when we discover everything

We’ve so long and waited for a moment like this


When we found love

And been sure that we are loved back

By the one who loves us dearly

We are proud of each other so much

Is like a moment like this


Dear look up the sky

The sky is blue and beautiful

Just like the smile that forms on your lips…face

So captivating and sainticulating

With stars and moon forming the shape of love


A moment like this

Some people ask for a time

For a moment like this

To be with the one that loves them so much

You are mine and am yours…ba

4 thoughts on “A Moment Like This” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. This one is not good. Poetry is an art. Yes it is a means of expression, but you dont just do the expression anyhow.

  2. I think it’s okay – the issue might be that we read poems like this ALLLLLLLLLLL the time – and this one does not particularly stand out.

    No offense.

  3. It could be better especially with the last three stanzas. The first two tried some rhyming format which got lost in the rest of the poem…

    Good attempt bro.

  4. @motitalk Bros, wah r u “beginning”?

    I had this issue from the start ====>

    “Holding you cling to my embrace” – Holding and clinging is one and the same. So, maybe one word to capture the act would av been better…embrace? Maybe.

    Then there were some issues moving on down the piece. I guess this needs another look.

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