Turned Table

Turned Table

Tenderness has now given up to brittleness.

The lamb’s calm has now bowed low to the wolf’s howl,

Surrendering in prostration

To the one who’s shown to be the stronger.


And so long the duel has been

Between the two—of diametric extremes;

One antagonising the other,

Not one willing to capitulate to another.


Yet light reigns supreme

Over darkness; they say,

Abrading all darkness

With its gleaming resplendence.


But then, what happens as darkness now beclouds all light

Reigning supreme, showing to be the stronger,

And light capitulates, beneath darkness?

2 thoughts on “Turned Table” by okwujeisrael (@okwujeisrael)

  1. What happens when light capitulates beneath darkness?
    Doom !
    …and I am not its prophet but history has a flow chart of how it goes.
    I pray the table turns for our good.

    Good poem!

  2. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Food for thought! Pray we heed this…

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