To My Sad Mistress

You have been my safe refuge

When torrent of rain pours

You keep me safely

You have been my love;

My special joy

You have been of much worth than life

For isn’t life a bastard without love?

You have been the tiny air I suck

I embrace your every aura

You have been my amazing grace; my race

You have shown me love,

In dozens, in many folds like more dozens

You had shown me today, yesterday

And tomorrow today

You have been my joy and my all

The one I recall when I could fall

You have been happiness

My happy moment

Tonight we stay apart in hearts

We sleep backing us

You are out there

And I am out here

You are on bed, thinking

I am on a paper crying

May this love find us again

When the world become tighter

I feel better with you

When you smile I grow taller

When you kiss me I could fly

You have been my many things

You have been my Timi; my Tee; my sweetie

You have been my Lucky Charm

I love you like I love nothing else but you

Without you the world is void and hollow

I would dash my breath to the rainbows

To have you celebrated like a first-time cornrow

You have been my life and my light

You have been my love and my trust

You have been my poetry

I care not about this world

It is a hell-hole; a shit-hole

You make a meaning off it

You shine to me like a star

I look up and see you as you are

I smile when I meet you

You bring tears to my eyes

Let not your distance increase

For my heart disintegrates

Let not your voice call me less

My name is useless then

Let not your lips stay away

I am ugly and stupid then

Love me now, and stay here with me

Tee; you are my team

You are my winning team

With you I am a victor; a master of my universe

I have won while preparing

You are my priceless pebble

You are my treasure; my island

You are a sweet meal on my birthday

You are important

Where will I buy you roses, Tee?

O Mother Earth

Roses do fade away

Bring me hibiscus; purple hibiscus

Bring me almond, diamond, anything

Bring me more stones for her fingers

Tee; you are loved



5 thoughts on “To My Sad Mistress” by Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent (@saintvinny)

  1. Heartfelt. I only hope Timi appreciates poetry.

  2. A heartfelt expression of love.I hope the one it is intended get your drift.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Too long. Saying the same things diferently, over and again.

  4. Awwwn! this poem and it’s ‘you are, you are’ Baba, may it a tad interesting na. not just something simpletons will hijack :)

  5. my lovely mistress
    need not be distressed
    for you’re my heart’s praise
    there’s no reason to be crazed

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