There was a time….

There was a time….

August 14, 2012     7.35am

There was a time…

A long, almost forgotten time

When we would lie in the shade beside the muddy pool

Sleeping and basking in the sunset cool

That was when life was fun

When the day was lit by the sun

When brothers didn’t march the streets in thirsty search

Of blood to spill and lives to butcher.


I remember the time…

A Long, almost forgotten time

When we gathered and played in the yard

Little children with no expectation beyond what we had

Clothes dirtied from rollicking in the sands

Mud, spittle and other unspeakable dirt on our feet and hands

A time, almost long forgotten time

When play and fun wasn’t frowned at as wasting time

A time we had to be us and just be free.


I remember the time…

A long, almost forgotten time

When having a crush was silly and nothing more

When a blush would bring so much ribbing and yakking from friends and foe

We just had fun with no care and worry for the morrow

But, life happened and now all we know is heartbreak and sorrow.


I remember the time…

A long, almost forgotten time

Fraught with pain, loss, abuse and a forlorn hope

For a love  soured with the flatulence from the winds of time

Carried away on the wings of painful memory

The memory only a flicker of unsavory imagery

Deep loss, sorrow and heart-wrenching pain

Served by Love

From a bloodied hand from an almost forgotten time.


4.12 pm

36 thoughts on “There was a time….” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. well…

    I would say ‘nice’. It did bring back some memories though.


  2. This is great!

    1. @kaycee
      You know wah I’ll say right?

  3. Cool… Who else would have written that?

    1. hahaha @francis
      Nice to know you found it worthy.

  4. A joy-read! :-)

    1. @kayceenj cool.
      Thanks for reading….and appreciating it.

  5. There was a time when

    Blackberry and apple were just fruits

    People lived in peace

    When children love to face their books….

    Great write.Kudos!

    1. hahaha @uchechukwu Apple and Blackberry eh?


      Well, that is not all of it though…in fact, that wasn’t part of it. But, it fits in well; having thought abt it now.

  6. This is nice at Shai. It did strike a cord. Well done sir.

  7. nice…made me remba that ‘time’

    1. ehen? Which time abeg @sylvia
      Memories are good right?

    1. Deep bow to @yahayamadu

      Thanks for taking the time…and for even commenting.

      I apprec8.

  8. Resplendent…
    What more can I say?

    1. errrm @Purple I am honoured.

      In btw, There is more. There is always more to say. In my own experience, that is.


  9. yeah, this is splendid

  10. This is poignant.

  11. hmmm… but now we’ve grown ba?

    1. @daireenonline Yes, we have. Now, we are at each others’ throats….forgetting when we ran around naked and without a care.

  12. Changes are inevitable…
    Gone are those days…
    Let’s enjoy the present as we plan for the future

    Shai, u try well, well!

    1. @ayistar
      True, time changes. Nothing to do about that…but let us still retain what is good in the memories we had. People bombing others they most likely grew up with, played with even probably had sex with is all so wrong!
      We should remember…

  13. this made me long for ‘the time’ :)

    great job!

    1. @kiah
      Merci. It is what we all should do…go back and find that which we forgot.

  14. Reflections…nostalgia all put in colorful lines singing a wishful tune…

    nice. Typical shai.

    1. @Afronuts Bro!!!
      Thanks. How av you been?

  15. Nice rendering bro.

    This line I particularly like…
    “For a love soured with the flatulence from the winds of time”

    1. @midas yea; time changes everything. In this instance, it soured good memories and made enemies and killers of people who once played as children.

  16. Who else can this craft be ascribed? But to the one and only @shai…@shaifamily you sabi this thing no be small.See dem lyrics tight man.You nailed this one perfectly man.Chop knuckle man.You Gbasky man. I love this @shaifamily, you are indeed a poet with distinction.
    Thank you for sharing.

  17. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Indeed! “there was a time,” when we use to do the things we do in innocence (only in our cradle).
    Now we can only wish, we can be ourselves without the society cringing at our noughty nature

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