The way her light shines on me

The way her light shines on me

When the lights flicker and fade

And generators buzz like busy crickets

In the evening shade turning to darkness

Butterflies fill my stomach

And my heart skips a beat

For I know she will come

And pretty soon I hear

The soft rhythm of her feet

In the alley between our houses

When she enters the room

A notebook in her hand

Her smile makes time stop

Nothing else matters

Only the space between us

She shines her light on me

And her eyes become my beacon

I am but a helpless moth

With my wings fluttering in her glow

When the raindrops drum on the roof

She likes to tell me about our future

When she will be a well-known writer

And I will be a famous director

We share our dreams like sweets to savor

Like secrets to the open world

When the lights finally come back, she leaves

And I yearn for her return

The way her light shines on me

Makes me want to be a better person

When I am older,

I will marry her

If she lets me


27 thoughts on “The way her light shines on me” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Can a poem be termed sweet? If yes, then…This is really sweet…Well done Jef…$ß.

  2. i see your are lost in a moment, sorry? are always lost in these moments, happens to me sometimes

  3. As always, you once again write a beautifully flowing poem. Well done, Jef.

    1. Once again?….Thanks a lot @chemokopi!

  4. As always, you once again write a beautifully flowing poem. Well done, Jef.

  5. Butterflies in the stomach of a helpless moth?

    This piece is jefferic.
    It means greatness.

  6. jefferic, LOL! Thanks a lot @ostar

  7. Yeah, jefferic buddy!

  8. A romantic ballad :)

  9. A sweet love poem.

  10. This is all kinds of sweet. Nice work

  11. Hmm Love nwantin tin, beautiful poem, only poem I have read so far towing the path of love- does it mean that love is not an everyday Nigerian thing? Na wa oh! Kudos for bringing in some romance…

  12. awww….

    i need to learn how all you poets string words together so beautifully :)

  13. Beautifully interesting!!

  14. Thanks @innoalifa!It was for a contest where we had to write on the everyday life in Nigeria.I chose to write on the power outages and the friendship between two kids.

  15. @jefsaraurmax, I found it interesting………………..and the perturbations of the poetic personae were quite aptly captured like when some lines reveal that “I am but a helpless moth/With my wings fluttering in her glow”…………………

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