The irony of life

The irony of life

The day was vibrant and sunny

The joy in the air seem to be filled

As people went about their businesses

Somewhere in the distance, a cock crowed

Rousing all lazy people to face the new day


People rushed to the bathroom in a hurry

Stopping short at the bathroom in long queues

Hurrying through baths, lest they should be the last

Somewhere in the distance, a rich man still lay in bed

While his servants worked their asses off


A pregnant woman lay stretched up in a hospital bed

Whimpering and witling in excruciating labour pains

Wondering when soon the pains will go away

Somewhere in the distance a woman sat crying

Over the lose of her baby in her arms


An old man sat on an easy chair

Reminiscing his youthful days In nostalgia

As it was past 10am and his breakfast is yet to come

Somewhere in the distance a lazy man still lay in bed

Wishing he was old so that he can have all at his beck and call


In a shop not far away, a man sat sadly

As it was midday and he still haven’t sold anything

Biting his lips, he blamed God for his bad luck

Somewhere in the distance, a man was grunting and complaining

Having been attending to customers all morning


Along the busy road, less privileged children ran about

Carrying heavy trays of pure water and vegetables

On torn clothes, they go about shouting for customers

Somewhere in the distance, rich children sat in classroom

On neat well ironed clothes, they listened to their teachers


A mile away a rich man sat over a banquet

Filling up his stomach with goodies of life

Throwing many into the thrash can and to his dogs

Somewhere in the distance, a hungry man sat groaning

As he has been hungry for past two days without hope for the day


In an office some distance away

A lady sat by her desk crying her eyes off

Having just been sacked because she refused to date the manager

Somewhere in the distance another lady was messing herself up

In other to be offered a job even if as a messenger


In a dilapidated house some distance away

Stood a lady trying to commit suicide

Having been dejected by her fiancé for her friend

Somewhere in the distance a lady was been engaged

It was the best thing that ever happened to her



Sameday at night, when the sun had gone to bed

A lone man knelt by his wife’ grave pleading for mercy

Lest she kills him as he killed her for money ritual

Somewhere in the distance, a man stood at an occult gathering

Promising to do anything in other to be made rich


3 thoughts on “The irony of life” by sarahchristy21 (@sarahchristy21)

  1. Wow. I really like.

  2. It’s one big irony. In one area there is excess; in another, there is lack.

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