The Coup

The Coup

Few minutes ticked past Five
The express was crowded
He ran as fast as he could
Yet, not faster than their boots
They soon caught up with him
Dragging him through the mud
His face, a cobweb of pain.

He screamed
Blows rained down without cease
Whips followed the blows of gun butts
His loud cries pierced my ear drums
Yet, helpless we all stood
With the passivity of years past
When our nation they plundered
Under the guise of military rule.

Every crunch of their boots rang
With the suppression of an uprising
The pealing sound of every lash
Affirmed their might of superiority
Their green camouflage
An enforced authority.

Then they turned towards the crowd
We stared through the barrels of their guns
Heads slowly bowed
Angry murmurs hush
Raised fists fell
Many walked away
You could tell
This was not redemption’s day.

In the end, freedom isn’t free
This is the price we pay
To keep our liberty
He lay there
Beaten black and blue
We stood there
Fearful fools
Our knees shaking
Our rights again taken
a sad and grievous coup.

4 thoughts on “The Coup” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. Great poem.

    I don’t know if its great for the contest.

  2. yeah fabulous poem,does speak of a single event , everyday? Hmmm. KIYA! Keep Improving Your ART!

  3. Nice poem, it does make you take a second look at us as a people, all we do is raise our fists, we never throw the punch…

  4. I like your flow Anderson. Nice work.

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