Salty Rain

Salty Rain

Hear it pour… watch it flow
streaming down our sunken cheeks;
Salty tide, currents of grief
gathering at our dusty feet…
Pools of pearls, rivers of tears,
drop after drop of pain heartfelt.

See it flow… hear it pour
salty rain, torrents of pain;
Kindred in nature, they meet the sea;
The ocean’s tide… our salty rain ,
they unite in one mournful bond
As we bid thee eternal rest
scattering ashes to the wind and sea.

The land is scarred…
the earth is scorched
Where our tears, they meet the sea!

10 thoughts on “Salty Rain” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. I didn’t get this one.

  2. hmm … crying right? do we? Do you everyday?

    1. @Nicole…certainly not #pouts in disdain# But the tears are for a loved one. lol

  3. Poignant. Beautifully written. A ballad for tears itself. (y)

  4. I guess I like this, “Pools of pearls, rivers of tears” but will like it more
    if you would expanciate please.

    1. My tears crystallize into pearls…my tears flow like rivers #That’s stretching the imagination, right?#

  5. Trying to understand this…

    1. The poem is a dirge, mourning the death of a loves one. tears pouring down like rain…however, they are salty…hence Salty rain. Tears are salty, the sea is salty; therefore they are kindred in nature.

  6. Nice…beautiful in fact.

    1. Thanks #takes a bow#

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