Prayer Time

Prostrate he lies

Before the ancient shrine

Muttering mystical mantras,



God of his fathers,

For justice and vengeance

over his enemies

With bowed head

She’s reciting her rosary

Intoning the words

With quiet fervency

Asking for mercy

And prayers

From Mother Mary,

Five times facing the East

Humbly we kneel

We Offer salah

To the Most Merciful Allah,

Along a poorly lit street

She mutters a plea

To the Queen of the coast

For a good generous customer

Not a murdering rapist or a ghost,

He looks up

And requests brisk business

From his chi

Bends down to sandpaper a beam

Five coffin sales later

He is seen to beam,

At a highway

In the dead of night

They rob their victims

Deaf to their plight

Turning children to orphans

Wives to widows

Inwardly praying

Not to fall by a bullet’s blow

Operation done, they give thanks

For a good raid and a safe heist,

Words are rendered before

The gathering

Addressed to the All Seeing Being,

Weary wanton hearts mutter

A pretender’s petitions

No one remembers Him,

When they begin

To milk the treasury

And squander the money

Meant for the country,

As they shamelessly

Devour the poor

And oppress the polity,

None courts Justice

Or Transparency

None remembers

The spelling of


A little boy

Going to bed hungry

Lies prostate on

His mat

And prays

Dear God

Let there be

A little garri

The morning,

Every day, everywhere

We say our prayers

Muslim or Christian

Agnostic or pagan

Young or old

Rich or poor

Our hearts we

Out pour

To Deity, deities

And we keep


For just a little

In the morning

While the wealth of a people

Is wasting

In the hands

Of the cruel corrupt ones

in our lands

That is the Nigeria

We live in

That’s the  Nigeria we

We pray in

That’s the Nigeria

We need to



your eyes and hands

Let’s work and pray.



31 thoughts on “Prayer Time” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Beautiful in many ways.

    1. Wow! Thanks @kaycee ! I am glad you like it. :-)

    1. Thank You! Monsieur @banky !

  2. Nice….What of the atheists nko?..Well done…$ß

    Poetry that is written in vertical form just like yours, does it have a name?

    1. Thanks… hmmm,… maybe they aren’t “everyday” enough. :-) @sibbylwhyte :-D

  3. I quite enjoyed the poem to a large extent. Many people pray to different ‘gods’ or GOD for different things.

    1. I am very glad you did. I spent 5 weeks thinking about an event that was “everyday Nigeria”. Thank you for reading.

  4. Rich and superbly crafted.

    1. Thank you for reading, and appreciating. @ohmston

    1. Hey! THank you @magic

    1. Thanks @francis . You are a gem.

  5. A beautiful poem.

  6. Very encapsulating.
    You did well but I s’pose you know that already

    1. LOL. Do I? No be so o!
      Thank you. @midas.

  7. “That is the Nigeria

    We live in

    That’s the Nigeria we

    We pray in

    That’s the Nigeria

    We need to



    your eyes and hands

    Let’s work and pray.”

    The most realistic I have heard for long.

    1. :-) am honoured


      1. where are you @sontel ?

  8. a pleasant read. good work

  9. Thanks @clemency , you are greatly appreciated!

  10. I like the various angles, both righteous and sinful, you brought to the activity of prayer.

    Nice work sunshine. Keep improving your art.

  11. @nicolebassey, this is a beautiful poem.I love the last lines,they are very powerful.This might be a winning poem.Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I hope the judge thinks so…

  12. babe,kngrats ddar on making d list wit me!

  13. quixcalibur (@ugoquix)

    There’s a pile of smoking rubble where my mind used to be, blown to bits by the brilliance of ur song….

  14. @nicolebassey

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